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Download OS X Yosemite Gold Master and Install [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem
OS X Gold Master

Download OS X Yosemite Gold Master and Install [Guide]

The Golden Master version of the OS X Yosemite 10.10 has finally been released for developers. The end-user release might be just a few weeks away. You can Download OS X Yosemite from Mac app store using your developer ID.

OS X Yosemite was first released in June. It was hailed quite similar to iOS 7 with the similar UI elements and cleaned out for the simple, crisp and minimal finish. The level of transformation from Mavericks is not so much drastic as on the mobile operating system from iOS 7 to iOS 8. Apple continuously strives for uniformity across the board. However, the importance of visual tweaks cannot be ignored and should have been present.

The trend of Apple towards releasing higher versions of OS X is incremental instead of introducing drastic changes. The Yosemite’s updates would only contain some improvements in the Gold Master version. OS X Yosemite 10.10 received a warm welcome at the Worldwide Developers’ conference due to introducing new elements in the features.

Since iOS 8 brings a lot of innovative features in the mobile version of the operating system, it is apparent that the iOS is certainly getting more and more comparable with OS X. The latter only requires to maintain and to slightly improve the features to overcome the occasional issues.

The Gold Master version of OS X Yosemite includes the enhancements made to the Mail and Messages as well as the Safari browser. Only, Mac App store debut remains for Yosemite now. This latest release could be the final version in spite of the fact that Apple released second Gold Master version of Mavericks last time around.

Various rumors are indicating the expected release of the Gold Master version of Yosemite for the end users in the second half of October 2014 in a special keynote event. October is certainly going to be a busy month for the company for Apple to release some major products in the lineup and also for the users to try these products as soon as possible.

As the developers are experiencing the wonders of the Gold Master version of OS X Yosemite, the general public may have to wait just a few weeks before they could also try their hands on the wonderful update of OS X Yosemite.  Download OS X Yosemite Gold Master and experience the flavor of this wonderful operating system.


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