Download the Future of Work in Nigeria report by Passion Incubator here

Future of Work in Nigeria report by Passion Incubator now available for download

Businesses and government policymakers in Nigeria will be glad to know that there is now a Nigerian-version of the Future of Work in Africa, aptly dubbed Future of Work in Nigeria.

The Future of Work in Nigeria is a report prepared by the Passion Incubator shading light on the effects and implications of global trends on the domestic workplaces across Nigeria.

In the report, is testimonies from about 1,000 stakeholders working across 20 key sectors and industries in Nigeria. They talk about the challenges and opportunities brought on by global trends being adopted in the country. These stakeholders were drawn from both the private and public sectors and represent the everyday-Nigerian you would meet in the streets.

The report features trends, resources, statistics, information, actionable tips, and recommendations from government, institutions of learning, employers, and even the employees. The focus of the report can be broken down into the following sub-categories:

Work Realities in Nigeria Today

Future of Tech in the Workplace

Impact on Jobs and Skills

Impact on Talent


Role of Government

The Future of Work in Nigeria report is available for download for free at this link.

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