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Dr. Black’s Tips for Women Excelling in their Careers

by Maya Johnson

Dr. Black’s Tips for Women Excelling in their Careers

Dr. Sue Black, a senior research associate at UCI’s Department of Computer Science and tech figurehead, talks to Targetjobs about what women need to do in order to succeed in the IT field or any field they want to be in.

Dr. Black has admitted to being shy, but she has managed to overcome this by forcing herself to do things that terrified her. Because of this, she has gotten very far in her career, and now shares her secret with other women wanting to be successful in their fields.

Too often women think if they’re working hard and doing a good job, they’ll get promoted, which often isn’t the case,” she stated to Targetjobs. “Women have to put themselves out there, doing things that may be uncomfortable to them but will all in all get them noticed and finally close the gap.”

One of Dr. Black’s steps for women is to find mentors. For students still in college close to graduation, this is extremely important. They need to find a person they think will help them in the long run and ask them to be their mentor. Even if the person says they can’t, they should just keep looking.

Another helpful hint is once women are in the field they want to be in, they need to promote their work. It’s not showing off at all, according to Sue. It’s just putting the work out there and possibly going beyond the position a person originally wanted. Get noticed and be proud of the work.

To see all of the tips, follow this link.

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