DR Congo shuts down Internet 2-Days in a row citing fake Election Results from the opposition

d r congo election internet shutdown

Tensions are high right now in Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) as the entire country wait with impatiently for the official announcement of election results. However, there are results doing rounds on the internet, which the government says are fictitious and alleges is being released by the opposition.

The government has since moved in to shut down internet and SMS services in the country. A move the government says is meant to avoid an outbreak of chaos when the official results are released by the country designated elections handling body.

As it is, DR Congo has for two consecutive days been without an internet connection, thanks to the order by the government to ISPs to shut down the services. A development against a backdrop of both the government and the opposition confidently telling their respective supporters that they are on the track to win the elections.

Government officials say the shut down of the internet and SMS service was informed by the need to avert possible civil chaos and perhaps even war, should the result turn out not to the expectations of the opposition.

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