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Drink It Smart App Tells You How Drunk You Are

by Fahad Saleem

Drink It Smart App Tells You How Drunk You Are

If you are addicted to drinking Alcohol, you need a family doctor that keeps an eye on you always for monitoring your health and drastic effects that alcohol may cause to you. It is not possible for a person to stay with you round the clock, and hence, smartphone comes to your rescue with a wonderful app for iOS called as “Drink It Smart” for just $0.99. It is not the kind of app that will allow you to check emails faster or take Selfies, but will play the role of family doctor for you that monitors the blood alcohol levels for you. It continuously monitors you while drinking. It will customize its results based on gender as well as the weight as users input the information into it. As you consume more drinks, you add them up in the app, and it informs you about your levels of drinking, and the prediction about your behavior in the current state.

The app gets launched with the alcohol level set to zero. Before initiating the functioning of the app, you need to input the gender and the weight by tapping the info button in the bottom right corner. You may enter your weight in pounds or kilos.

alcohol 1

Once you have input your information, you may return to the home screen and commence with your drinking. When you have drunk, you need to tap the plus sign and enter the type of drink that you took. You can enter the drinks of four types: beer, shot, long drink, or Vine. You need to hit the plus sign next to the corresponding drink and a glass will be added for that specific drink. The app will not allow you to take many drinks and then enter them at once. The drinks are recorded one at a time, encouraging the users to think how many drinks they have consumed. Once you have added a glass of a drink, the blood alcohol levels will be updated showing the possible side effects to follow. It also shows your possible behavior in the current state.

alcohol 2

As you continue adding more and more drinks, the alcohol level and the corresponding behavior will be updated. This is a very simple app that provides you this basic functionality. A great feature of this app is the alert signal in the form of a big red color that declares you unfit for driving. A tiny improvement in the UI enables the drunken person to identify the type of drink they are adding in the app. The drunken person can also suggest some more type of drinks to be added to the interface so that advanced blood alcohol monitoring could be introduced. The alcohol measurements in the blood are only approximate and may vary. If you are taking any sort of medication then the results may vary significantly.

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