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Drive the new Audi and let onboard Integrated Toll Module deal with the Toll Booth Transponders

by Felix Omondi
audi Integrated Toll Module

As if having to deal with slow traffic within inner-town roads is not bad enough. You are forced to be more patient when joining the freeway as vehicles in front of you slow down to a halt to pay cash to the toll booth transponders.

Well, if you are plying American roads and got the pockets to foot the bill, you should get yourself the upcoming new Audi cars with integrated toll payment technology set to come out this year.

The German luxury auto brand announced on Wednesday that select new Audi models set to launch in the American market will come with Integrated Toll Module. With these cars, you will never have to stop at a toll booth to pay cash. If you want, you can just ‘whoosh’ through using the fast lane, and the smart car will automatically pay your toll fees.

Gentex developed the Integrated Toll Module in the new Audi cars. Thus, the toll booths will not require the local toll authorities to install any additional hardware in their system for your vehicle to start automatically paying them the toll fee. But that is not all; the technology allows the drivers to manage multiple toll accounts across the different state lines in the U.S.

To use the technology, you need to register your Audi car online, put in your credit/debit card details, and let Gentex manage every toll payments for you with the local authorities. You just have to make sure your credit/debit card is always loaded for Gentex to make the Integrated Toll Module

The technology is integrated within the rearview mirror in your car and will work with all toll booths across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. You will also have the option of managing the system from behind the wheels, and you can quickly turn the system on and off with ease. You can also adjust the occupant settings for the HOV lanes.

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