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Drupe Lets You Efficiently Manage WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS apps, Hangouts at One Place

by Fahad Saleem

If you are like me who is sick and tired of being inundated with messages from various apps and want everything at a single place, welcome aboard because there is a great app in town which collates everything in a single beautiful, user-friendly interface. There are literally countless messaging apps. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, Line, GoSMS, old SMS apps and the list goes on. Every person has his own preferences. Some like to use Facebook, some prefer WhatsApp to interact. Messaging is becoming a clutter and a chaos. But not now, as we have Drupe, the best Android app that makes messaging as easy as pie.

After you install Drupe, it collates and lists all the contacts at one place. The contacts are listed in the beautiful bubble forms. All the messaging apps will be placed in the column in front of contacts in the form of icons. Whenever you want to read or send a message, just drag the contact to the app icon you want to open. For example, if a contact is active on WhatsApp, there will be the WhatsApp logo beside it. If you want to interact with a specific contact, just drag that contact from Drupe in that specific app and start messaging. It’s that simple.

drupe 1 drupe 2 drupe 3

Moreover, the real ease which drupe provides is the notification nirvana. No more cluttered and overflowing notification bar in Android phone. All the notifications from all the contacts who have sent your messages will be placed on a single screen in Drupe.

Drupe provides the best and seamless way to send and receive messages on all the social media and messaging apps. The app is free.

Download Drupe from Play Store 

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