DSTV’s Main Competitor In Kenya, Zuku Slashes Prices

DSTV’s Main Competitor In Kenya, Zuku Slashes Prices

At a time when most subscribers on the South African based Multichoice DStv services are feeling the hike subscription fee thanks to the strengthening dollar versus the local Kenyan currencies. The pay TV main competitor in the local market, Wananchi Group’s Zuku, has announced a price slash for its pay TV, Internet and telecommunication services.

The price cuts by Zuku are said to take effect next month, and could potentially spell a decline in the number of subscribers for the Multichoice DStv services. Zuku has been on the onslaught of DStv’s market, and luck seems to be on its side. DStv was forced to hike its prices just recently, and the fact that subscribers pay the company in American dollar currencies, most subscribers have to pay more especially now that dollar is almost at its all-time highest exchange rate to the domestic Kenyan currency.

Zuku has launched Infinite Internet, Infinite TV and Infinite Talk telephony at a connection speed of 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 50Mbps charged at Ksh.4,099, Ksh.5,299 and Ksh.9,7999 respectively. Subscribers on the unlimited internet get to enjoy more than 60 free TV channels, free Zuku to Zuku calls and free Wi-Fi mobility throughout all the Zuku hotspots in Kenya.

Wananchi Group CEO Richard Alden in a statement said, “Zuku recognizes the dynamic and growing needs of our customers and is committed to offering tailor-made products and solutions. We are providing fast unlimited residential Internet, digital television and phone services at great value.”

Zuku’s Optional TV add-ons come with Prime TV that has 74 premium TV channels at Ksh.499, Mega TV having 109 premium TV channels and going for Ksh.999.

Alden added, “The new package has a price reduction of Ksh.200 across all packages. Existing clients have the option to remain on their current package or upgrade to the Infinite packages.”

According to Alden, subscribers can buy:

The Infinite 1 at 1Mbps, 60 Edge TV channels and phone services at Ksh.2,799

The Infinite 4 at 4Mbps and 60 Edge TV channels and phone services at Ksh.2,999

The Infinite 10 at 10Mbps, 60 Edge TV channels and phone services at Ksh.4,099

The Infinite 20 at 20Mbps, 60 Edge TV channels and phone services at Ksh.5,299

The Infinite 50 at 50Mbps, 60 Edge TV channels and phone services at Ksh.9,799

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