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Dunkers Basketball Game Gets More than 1 Million Downloads in a Week

by Fahad Saleem

New mobile games land Android and Apple’s app store daily, but there are a few games which go viral and intensely popular within days. Pokemon Go is an example. But as the Pokemon euphoria gradually fades away, we have a new game in town which has garnered more than a million downloads in two weeks. Meet Dunkers, a new mobile game which has become the number one sports game and free gaming app on the iTunes just days after its launch.

dunkers game 1

dunkers game 2

This is basically a freestyle basketball game. You have a small court, where weird looking players move around like they are in space without gravity, and try to goal, or, “boomshakalaka”.  The main attractive feature of this game is the players, their movements, to be specific. These creatures look like drunk, and they sort of dance around in the court. You can play all the moves like defense, attack and run to score a goal. Players have long hands which move all around their bodies and move in every direction.

dunkers game 3

dunkers game 4

There are three modes of Dunkers. In an arcade mode, things are simple and you must have to compete with the system. There is also a two-player mode in which you can challenge a player who will have to install this game on their own device and sit near you and play the game.

Dunkers is a free game for Android and iPhone. It is a hilarious-looking game in which you get to use some skills, but mostly luck and weird moves to put the ball in the basket. Give it a try and tell us in the comments your experience.

Download Dunkers for Android and iPhone.

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