Dynamic Lock: Windows 10 Will Automatically Lock When You Move Away from PC, Laptop

Have you ever felt uneasy leaving your PC up and running while you go for an errand or hanging out with a friend? Even though we can always shutdown or lock the PC, there are times when we have to rush outside and away from our laptop or computer. What would ensure the privacy and security of our computer and data in that case? Well, it seems Microsoft is aware of this problem and working on a highly innovative technology, which will lock the PC as soon as you go away from it. According to WindowsCentral, Microsoft is working on a “Dynamic Lock” which will lock the Windows 10 PC whenever the user goes away from it. The source quotes Insider Preview builds of the Windows 10 Creators Update, which give a sneak peek into the Dynamic Lock technology in which Microsoft is working on.

The new automatic locking technology in Windows 10 will be constantly listening to the sense inputs to detect your position. When it infers that you are no longer sitting in front of your PC, it will shutdown or lock our Windows 10 computer so that no one else could use your computer or compromise your private data. The update is known as Dynamic Lock in build 15002, but the source claims that it has been told by its sources that the feature will eventually be named “Windows Goodbye”.  Automatically locking Windows 10 PC or laptop will be of immense usefulness in environments where devices are loaded up with private and sensitive information, and people have to swap places or move a lot.

It is not confirmed, however, that what type of technology Microsoft will use to make Windows Goodbye or Dynamic Lock feature. Chances are that the company will add “proximity sensors” using the Windows Hello features. It could also use the time stamps and lock the systems after, say, 10-15 minutes of inactivity. It could also make use of the front facing cameras of laptops to see if the user is sitting in front of the laptop. But that would be creepy, and users won’t prefer this sort of mechanism. The source said that it also spotted camera preview tweaks for facial recognition in the new build.

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