e-Commerce operator JUMIA sponsored a reality TV show Lions’ Cage for the incubation of startups in Africa

Lions' Cage

In Africa, the e-commerce operator Jumia and Zesaa sponsored the reality TV show for the incubation of startups, called Lions’ Cage.

The Cameroonian private television channel Equinoxe TV has been broadcasting the reality TV show since May 25, 2018. Lions’ Cage turns TV into a startup incubator, every Friday evening at 9pm.

In each of the first 11 episodes of 26 minutes each, this show, shows how an entrepreneurs or a startup implement innovative project and tries to convince a group of eight jurors to invest in their project, in exchange for shares of his company.

During the 12th and last episode, the public votes for the most viable project, and the winner receives a prize of 2 million FCFA, or € 3,000 and a one-year support.

Produced by Zesaa.com, Imhotep & Glam, this reality TV show is mainly sponsored by the e-commerce operator Jumia, which offers lots to win to the public at the end of each episode.

Lions’ Cage is a human, economic and technological adventure that has the potential to transform lives while offering audiences both in Cameroon and Africa, relevant and high quality content.

To learn more about the TV show “Lions’ Cage“, visit:

Site web: http://lionscageshow.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lionscageshow

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lionscageshow

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lionscageshow

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrddWK55THaNE0J8n1x79Rw

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