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Earning Effortlessly: Is Honeygain Legit?


As a college student, I find the idea of making money on the side extremely appealing. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes way more time and effort than it’s actually worth – for example, filling out surveys takes hours and pays very little! Nevertheless, just last month, an application called Honeygain caught my eye: while it didn’t promise very high earnings ($15–20 a month on average), it didn’t require any work, either. After using it for just over a month and having already received my first payout, I’m ready to share some of my experiences – both positive and negative.

First of all, what is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a free application that you can download to your Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS device. The limit of active devices an account can have is 10, but I’ve only been using three: a laptop, a smartphone, and an older smartphone I still have.

To start earning with Honeygain, you need to register on its official website, install it on at least one device with a stable Internet connection, log in, and keep the app running. From that point on, Honeygain shares your Internet connection with its crowd-sourced web intelligence network and pays 1,000 credits ($1) for every 10 GB.

Another feature that can help you make more money is Content Delivery. The idea is the same – you share your bandwidth for money; it’s just more resource-intensive. You get six credits per hour, as long as you’re in Active mode. However, this feature is not yet available globally (it just recently got out of Beta stage), and it’s computer-exclusive (no phones).

I did a little research before I started, and it made me feel more at ease. Honeygain’s website and blog present their business cases pretty openly, and their official pages on social media have pretty big followings. I also found people publicly sharing screenshots of payment proofs on Instagram, YouTube, etc.

The first steps explained

I really enjoyed the simplicity and speed of Honeygain’s sign-up process: all you need to enter is your email and password (you can sign up with your Facebook or Google account, too). I also used a coupon code I found on their Facebook, which gave me 5,000 free credits ($5) instantly.

Once I verified my email address, I downloaded the apps from their website (I got the Android app on both of my phones, and I was pleased to see it didn’t ask for any permissions or access to my data) and signed in. From this point on, it’s effortless: you keep the app running, and you check the results at times to see when you can request a payout. You can do this once you earn 20,000+ credits ($20) and choose either PayPal or Bitcoin.

Honeygain also has a daily lottery called Lucky Pot that active users can open once a day and collect some free credits (up to 10,000). My personal best was 500 – but then again, I’ve only been a user for a month.

Is Honeygain a legit way to earn?

Using three devices with pretty fast Wi-Fi, I crossed the line of 20,000 credits in around three weeks (this includes the 5,000 I received when I registered). I requested a payout of $20.43. The process involved mandatory 2FA confirmation, and I had to sign up to their partner’s Tipalti system.

Tipalti did take away $1.41 as a transfer fee – however, I received the remaining $19.02 in my PayPal in two business days as promised. If you choose to receive your earnings in Bitcoin, no fees are applied, so I might try that the next time I request a payout.

I didn’t want to suggest using Honeygain to my mates or family before I knew it actually paid, but now that I know it does, I might give the referral program a try, too. The proposition is pretty good: you get a daily bonus equal to 10% of what you referrals make. Hopefully, this makes me get to my next payout even faster!

All in all, I can now say that YES, Honeygain is 100% legit, and it does what it promises. The earnings are humble, but it’s true what they say – you don’t really need to do anything to earn them. I believe it’s an excellent option for students and working people who’d like to have more cash in their pockets but don’t have time for it. Start earning money with my $5 sign-up gift – Honeygain (or use coupon code ‘PASSIVEINCOME’ while signing).

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