EarTrumpet App Lets You Take Control on Windows 10 Volume, Audio Sounds

Windows 10 audio controls are pretty basic. They haven’t developed any advancement despite a major need. You cannot maneuver with different volumes and sounds coming from a plethora of resources, both from the native system and web. For example, almost daily I get extremely annoyed by shitty noises and sounds coming from web tabs, video ads, random YouTube clips, auto-play videos. I have to manually open these sources to shut down the distractions. But ever since I found EarTrumpet app on Windows app store, these issues have been fixed.

EarTrumpet gives you control on every app. There is a nice control panel which shows slider bars to control the volume for every app. So you can increase, decrease or set to mute sounds for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Reddit, Facebook or any other app which you use.

You can also disable the taskbar icon for default volume controls using this app. You should disable these controls because sometimes the default volume interferes with the app. You can disable them by right-clicking the taskbar itself, selecting taskbar settings, then clicking on “Select which icons appear on the taskbar.”

EarTrumpet is completely free. You can download the app from Windows store by clicking on this link. Just install the app and you will get an icon on the right bottom corner of your screen. You can select and change sound for every app from there.

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