East Africa Digital Summit: Optimizing on Mobile Technology for Effective Marketing Communication

East Africa Digital Summit: Optimizing on Mobile Technology for Effective Marketing Communication

East Africa Digital Summit: Optimizing on Mobile Technology for Effective Marketing Communication

Mobile data traffic expected to increase 20-fold in the period 2013-2019

Mobile money transfer will exceed the $200 Billion mark by the end of 2015

Smartphone penetration projected to take up to 35% of overall subscriptions by 2018

There has been a 50% increase in mobile use across business and leisure travelers,

Mobile Bookings to hit 25% of total online transactions by 2017

Smartphones and Tablets account for 21% of same-day hotel Bookings

By 2017 more than 30% of online travel bookings by value will be made on mobile devices

30% relying purely on their mobiles to make last minute bookings.

The just ended East Africa Digital Marketing Summit & Show took place at the Kenya International Conference Center in Nairobi on 9-10th April, with keen interest in addressing both current and futuristic issues outlined as supporting new opportunities or hampering the mobile technology industry in diverse fields. Travel was among the main topics that was addressed, having lately become a hotly contested topic owing to the new wave of terrorist threats, travel advisories, and un-met expectations on the same. The summit brought together key players in the digital marketing space to explore and experience latest digital trends while creating a smooth pace for adoption of digital effective marketing communication.

Estelle Verdier, the Managing Director for Jovago East and South Africa addressed stake holders and exhibitors on Emerging Mobile Technology and Trends in the Travel Industry. The online platform, Jovago.com has been actively involved in bolstering global e-marketing for hotels in Africa through various methods in addition to providing them with a free website to optimize on global accessibility.

We have invested heavily in designing and creating a consumer-oriented product that serves the customer how they personally want to be served, as opposed to adopting generic market habits” explained Verdier.

In her presentation, the MD termed the new generation of travelers as ‘tech-savvy and well versed with the internet of things” thus, today’s traveler wants to tap on the mobile, search, compare prices, book and pay without having to veer off their daily and hectic routine. “This is where mobile technology comes in handy-it’s the age of taping the app-and getting a complete service” She concluded.

A recent research by e-Consultancy- a global research firm based in London indicates a 50% increase in mobile use across business and leisure travelers. This positive trajectory has been linked to user efficiency and convenience as opposed to any value addition or price changes. It’s also worth of note that up to 30% of these mobile-based bookings are last minute, and mostly done on the day of travel. But even more interesting is the fact that, this mobile frenzy does not only affect the digital native (term for 15-24 year old with more than 5 years internet experience) but is also quickly catching up with the tech-savvy middle class adult traveler.

Verdier also addressed the 2nd annual forum on ways and methods in which diverse companies can optimize on the opportunities offered through mobile technology.

A survey by Jovago.com ranked bookings made by mobile phone in the (EA) region at 37% while tablets and internet-accessing gadgets take up to 7%. Of the main leverage points in online transactions is offering buyers the ability to pay online, thereby servicing a secure and smooth path to purchase. This is particularly an important aspect, as will be a vital driver in obtaining and exceeding the $200 billion in mobile money transfer predicted by the World Bank.

Among other topics covered during the two day forum include Online Security Threats in a session led by the Kenya National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS), as well as Content Generation by Kennedy Kachwanya of Bloggers Association of Kenya – and Mobile Marketing led by Alvin Mokaya of Standard Media Group.

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