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Easy Taxi App – A Popular App Connecting Passengers And Taxi Drivers Easily

Easy Taxi App – A Popular App Connecting Passengers And Taxi Drivers Easily

Easy Taxi App is a popular taxi booking app in the world. This app enables passengers to get the nearest taxi to his or her current location by just simply some few key presses on their smartphone. This allows passengers and taxi drivers to connect conveniently and very fast. This app not only alerts the nearest taxi driver near you, it also allows you to see the driver position on the map as they are driving towards you. The app utilizes GPS technology to tell the driver exactly where to find you, as well as allowing you to see the driver’s position on the map as they are driving towards you.

The Easy Taxi app is available on various smart devices running the following OS: Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and iOS. It also works for clients using B2B, through the Easy Taxi Pro and Easy Taxi Corporate solutions. The Easy Taxi app was founded in Rio de Janeiro in April of 2012. It quickly rose to become the most popular and premiere taxi booking app for taxi services operating in Latin America. So far it has spread to 26 countries and over 82 cities. The app has picked up more momentum and at the same time, it’s redefining how people book taxi. The main advantages of the Easy Taxi app consistent pf the following:

  • You can book a taxi anytime wherever you are.
  • The app automatically searches the best taxi it can find in your vicinity. When you confirm your location it will try to look for the newest and best conditioned taxi it can get.
  • Once you’ve picked a taxi, you can watch the taxi approaching you since the app tracks it on a real-time map.
  • The app allows you to call the taxi driver in case you want to confirm the time they’ll arrive at your location.
  • The organization behind the app are very thorough in their screening and training of their associate drivers, and guarantee users of the app that only taxi drivers who have a good history and have the best driving skills are the ones the Easy Taxi app will bring them.
  • The app allows users to see the taxi driver’s identity and the car details, which could come in useful in the event you loss an item, since with such information at your disposal getting your lost items has never been easier.

You can download the Easy Taxi app from various app stores such as Google play, App Store, Samsung Apps, Windows Phone Download and on Web App.

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