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Easy Taxi Expands Its Product Line To Enhance Customer Experience with Books & Meals

Easy Taxi Expands Its Product Line To Enhance Customer Experience with Books & Meals

Africa Internet Holding’s Easy Taxi has the bragging rights as the leading taxi booking app in the world. The app enables travelers to hail a taxi from just a swipe on your smartphone’s touchscreen or at the press of a button; enabling taxi drivers and passengers to connect fast and conveniently.

With Easy Taxi, you no longer need to hustle for your ride, just pull out your phone anytime or anywhere. Go to the Easy Taxi app

, and let the app automatically search the ideal taxi for you, confirm your location and voila! Sit back as you watch on a map the taxi approach your location in real-time. But just in case you are very much in a hurry, you can call up that particular driver and confirm their arrival time.

Easy Taxi officially launched in Kenya, on September 6th

, and is already expanding its product line to enhance the Kenyan passengers’ experience. Through a partnership with Story Moja and Naked Pizza, within the next couple of weeks, passengers will be able to enjoy the following additional services whenever they call a taxi through Easy Taxi:

Where books go to live – Easy Taxi has teamed up with Story Moja to give books a new home inside a taxi. This partnership aims at installing a mobile library holder inside a taxi, stocked with a wide selection of books to fit different passengers’ tastes and preferences.

A delicious ride! – Easy Taxi, through a strategic partnership with Naked Pizza and Hellofood, will give passengers a Hellofood meal voucher worth Ksh. 750 ($8.5) off their next Naked Pizza.

In addition to the above great customer experience services, Easy Taxi ensures your safety while en route. With over 600 drivers already registered to the Easy Taxi database in Kenya. Easy Taxi conducts a thorough screening and training for every driver and ensures that only drivers with a clean history background and top-notch driving skills are registered with them.So you can be assured you are being driven by a qualified driver without any criminal records.

Last but not least, should you ever forget something inside an Easy Taxi cab you were travelling in, the app allows you to see the driver’s identity and contacts. So getting back your forgotten items in a taxi has never been easier.

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