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Easy Way to Make Delta 9 Gummies at Home


Delta 9 gummies are among the favorite cannabis products of most users, especially newbies. These edibles are tasty and potent, ensuring a great feeling on your tongue, tummy, and entire body. And they’re considered a safe and healthy method of controlled THC intake.

THC should be taken in moderation and no more than recommended (more info on recommended THC dosage). Delta 9 gummies can cause a pleasant high, but it’s easy to take more than you need, as these edibles taste so good. And in the case of low-quality or fake products, that’s not a good thing, as you can experience some harsh side effects.

That’s why making Delta 9 gummies at home is an excellent way to control the amount of active ingredients, composition, and taste. So you need simple stuff like the fruit juice of your choice, gelatin, and cannabis extract to make custom candies. And with the help of a silicone mold, you can create the perfect gummy, ensuring a potency consistency for each one.

Quality Ingredients

If you’re considering making your own Delta 9 gummies, it’s essential to get quality ingredients. You can make these edibles from scratch or using a shortcut. In the first case, you’ll need high-quality cannabis buds to extract Delta 9 from them. In the second case, full-spectrum CBD oil or THC tincture will do the trick.

In both cases, you need to pay attention when purchasing cannabis buds or oils. You have to buy them only from companies that use the proper methods and standards of production. Unfortunately, some manufacturers fail to do so, so they offer low-quality or contaminated gummies. So to avoid these risks, it’s best to find a brand that can provide product tests and reports by third-party labs.

Then, you need a fruit juice or puree of your choice and sweeteners to taste. As for thickening agents, you can use corn starch or gelatin, but keep in mind it’s not vegan. So if that’s your concern, use pectin or agar-agar as substitutes for gelatin.

Make THC Oil or Butter

You can use decarbed cannabis buds and MCT oil to make Delta 9 gummies. This combination will produce a high-quality infusion, as cannabinoids are fat-soluble, so MCT oil will bring them to the forefront.

To make cannabis oil or butter, you’ll need to choose your cannabis strain and decide how to process it. The choice will depend on your tolerance and desired strain potency. Then, you’ll need food-grade oil like MCT, coconut, hemp oil, or melted butter.


Now you have to decarb these flowers. For that, you’ll need a baking sheet or parchment paper. And decarboxylation is all about ‘baking’ cannabis buds at low heat to activate their THC content. You should avoid overheating the THC as this will destroy the cannabinoids.

More useful tricks on decarbing cannabis find below:

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to use a low-heat method; about 315 degrees F is ideal. Though higher temperatures may convert other cannabinoids and terpenes, the THC and other desired compounds will be lost.

After an hour, the cannabis flowers should be light brown and dry. Let them cool before you proceed. And take care not to bake the buds too long since they won’t convert all the THCA to THC. In fact, there’s a high chance of burning them and spoiling the taste of your cannabis oil or butter.

Mixing with Food-Grade Oil

After decarboxylation, the concentrates can be mixed with melted butter or oil, depending on what you plan to make. So you should crush decarbed flowers into melted fat and stir it well at low heat. Also, keep the baking temperature under 200 degrees F so that ingredients can mix well and create a potent infusion.

Once everything is mixed well, after about 15 minutes, it’s time to cool the infusion before touching it. Next, strain it through a cheesecloth or an unbleached coffee filter. Finally, you should wait for the mixture to be completely cool before storing it in a cool, dark place. You can seal it in a mason jar to retain its flavor and potency.

Delta 9 Gummies DIY recipe

For making fruity Delta 9 gummies at home, you’ll need a cup of fruit juice, about 2 cups of fruit puree of your choice, 2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin, a tablespoon of light corn syrup, and half a teaspoon of lemon juice (or more if you want your gummies sour).

Start by adding the desired amount of cannabis butter or oil to the fruit puree and let it sit. Then, mix fruit juice and gelatin in a sauce pan and put it on medium heat. After the temperature reaches 165 F, turn the stove off and add fruit puree and all other ingredients into the juice. Stir everything well, but don’t let the mixture cool completely.

Use a dropper to fill a silicone mold, then put it in a fridge. Depending on how many gummies you make, you can easily calculate how potent every delta 9 THC gummy is. After an hour, gummies are ready for serving or storing in an airtight jar.

Making Delta 9 Gummies at home is an option that can offer a wide range of benefits. You can customize the flavor, potency, and consistency to meet your specific needs and preferences and thus enjoy all the THC benefits and great aroma of these edibles.

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