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Easy Ways To Hide Your Stories from Someone on Instagram


Stories are the heart and soul of Instagram. Ever since this feature was added in the year 2016, people have been using it for their profile growth, insights improvement, and business traffic generation. It is surprising that more than 500 million active Insta users use the Stories feature on a daily basis. Even though the pictures, videos, or text used in the story disappears within 24 hours, it is seen that if used well, it leaves a huge impact and plays a key role in boosting one’s Instagram organic growth.

However, sometimes you may need to hide the story post from others following you as a user. The exact reason for such a decision varies from user to user. This is mainly done when someone wants to post something for a specific audience or when one wants to know whether the users have seen their post or not. Even though it might seem impossible, Insta has immaculate privacy settings that will allow you to hide your story from other users. So, it’s time to check out how you can limit the views to your stories.

Hiding the Insta Stories

When you want to hide the Insta stories from a certain user present in your follower list, there are two paths you can follow- by using the Hide option or the Close Friend option.

“Hide Story” option

1.      Open the Insta app and go to your account profile.

2.      In the top left corner, you will have the three stacked bar signs. Click on them to see the menu options.

3.      Click on the Settings option at the bottom. Once the options appear, click Privacy and then the Story option.

4.      A new page will pop up.  On the top, you can see a header as “Hide Story From” and below it will show the number of people.

5.      Click on it to open your followers’ list. Next, you need to select them manually because Insta does not have the “Select All” option.

6.      After selecting all the people, you want to hide your Story from, click on the tick sign at the top left.

“Close Friend” List

1.      Go to your profile, open the menu just like described in the above section, and click Settings.

2.      Choose Privacy as the option, followed by the Story option.

3.      As the new page opens up, you can find a header saying “Close Friends”.

4.      Click on the “0 People” tab underneath it and add the people who should see your post.

5.      Click on Done and return to your profile. Post a story, and it will become visible to those users added to the Close Friend list.

Making your Insta Story private from a non-follower account

If you want to hide your story from a non-follower account, follow these below described steps:

1.      Open the user’s profile from whom you want to hide the Story and click on the menu option in the top left corner.

2.      Select the Hide Your Story option. A pop-up window will open with two options- Hide and Cancel.

3.      If you are sure, click on Hide, and that specific user won’t be able to see your story.

Final thoughts

With the above three methods, you can hide your Instagram story from any user whom you don’t want to see your activity on social media. Follow the steps to hide Insta Story carefully to customize the story settings according to your convenience.

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