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Top 5 STEM Education Apps

by Milicent Atieno

Top 5 STEM Education Apps

Education Apps For The Young LearnersIn this modern age, education and technology are interdependent. It’s from education that technology development will be achieved, and from that technology education will be taken to the next level in terms of efficiency and effective learning.

We’ve complied a list of five apps that will help (especially the young learners) in developing interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The following are some of the apps already in the market that have shown impressive results in helping young learners:


This app is great in helping learners develop their algebraic and operations thinking. The app works on the basic principle of scrabble but instead of them making words with letters, they make mathematical equations using numbers thereby nurturing their mathematical interest and ability to solve algebraic equations.

HMH FUSE: Algebra 1

This is an award winning app equipped with very interactive and engaging curriculum that gives every individual student a customized learning experience. Student interact with their teachers via video tutorials, thus helping them in their homework, quizzes, hints, tips, help etc. The app comes with an assortment of advantages: Algebra tiles, graphing calculator, scratchpad, quadratic explorer, student response system and audio & text note-taking.

PBS Parents Play and Learn HD

This is the first app for education that is designed specifically for the parents. It is packed with over a dozen educational games which parents can play with their kids, making it possible for parents to seize upon the “teachable moments” using the various theme-based interactive gaming that comprise simple hands-on activities that improves both mathematical and literacy skills. This app is meant to trigger the child’s natural curiosity about the environment around, as well as encouraging open communication between parent and child.

School Fuel

This app allows school leaders and teachers to interact with their students both in and outside of the class. It is equipped with customized apps and a rich resource library which is in line with common core standards thus ensuring that schools deliver the right educational tool to the right student and at the right time. It works on virtually any device.

Cash Register

The ability to handle your money well could be just what one needs to become the next Donald Trump, and learning it at a very tender age increases your chances of being a competent investor and having better savings. Cash register an app that helps kids learn how to better handle their money. The app essentially works by buying some product (virtual product) and placing them on your cart. When you are done, you are required to pay for them, hence you have to budget well and buy the important things first.

Scrabble Word Finder

Feeling frustrated that you are going to lose another round of scrabble games with your family or friend? Well, let us hiss a cheat into your ear. You can go online to Scrabble Word Finder website, put in the combination of letters that you have, and let the computer do the crunching for you. The site will give you actual words that you can then use to win at a scrabble game. No more sour loser experience for you. 

The above are some of the apps which will help your kids in learning and increase their chances of bringing home good grades and securing their future. You have to give your children all the advantages in life that will put them ahead and education is one of those tools, and the above apps will help them immensely in all future endeavors.

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