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Egypt Passenger Plane Hijacked, Forced To Land In Cyprus

by Milicent Atieno
Egyptian Domestic Passenger Plane Hijacked, Forced To Land In Cyprus

Coming hot on the heels of the barely recent March 19 Nigeria’s and March 22 Belgium terror attacks. Egypt is the latest victim of terror, as Egyptair domestic flight flying from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked Tuesday, March 28 and forced to land in Cyprus.

The hijack has been confirmed by the Egyptian officials and the Cyprus state radio. Reports from the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation indicate that the flight had 55 passengers on board with a crew of five.

The hijack is believed to have been conducted by one armed man. The hijack is thought to have been carried out within the Cyprus’s flight information region, and the plane diverted to Larnaca. The hijacked plane is an Airbus 320, according to reports by the Egyptian civil aviation and police.

[Updated Report on the Hijacked Egyptair plane]

Latest emerging reports indicate that the hijacked plane could have a bomb on board, and there have been no demands so far from the hijackers who are now believed to be more than one. The plane was forced by the hijackers to land at the Larnaca airport on Tuesday morning.

The airport is located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean island. Reports from Cyprus official indicate that women and children on board the plane are being allowed to leave.

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