Egypt’s ICT Minister Inaugurates Development & Modernization of Centrals of Smoutha & Burg El Arab

Egypt’s ICT Minister Inaugurates Development & Modernization of Centrals of Smoutha & Burg El Arab

Egypt’s Communications and Information Technology Minister Yasser El-Kady, during his field visit to Alexandria inaugurate the development and modernization of the Centrals of Smouha and Burg El Arab. He also inspected the construction work in the Al-Sarai post office and the opening of the Manshiya post office after it was upgraded to a comprehensive postal services centre.

60% of the infrastructure was developed and modernized using fibre optics

Yasser El-Kady, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, opened today the central and customer services center for Burg El-Arab, where he was received by Engineer Rifaat Gunaidi, deputy executive director for regional affairs in Telecom Egypt and its executive managers in Alexandria.

The total number of lines in Burg El-Arab central is 12,000. 60% of the infrastructure was developed and modernized using fibre optics. The network is scheduled to be completed later this year. Ninety percent of copper wire network maintenance was completed, and it is expected to be completed in full later this year as well. The Central serves the new Burg El-Arab city, which is comprised of eight residential neighborhoods and six industrial areas.

The Minister and his escort also inaugurated the Smouha Central and its customer services center, which has an overall capacity of 62,000 lines. So far, about 36% of the central’s main network has been installed using fibre optics; installation work is expected to be completed within two years. Furthermore, the maintenance of more than half the secondary network has been done and is expected to be fully completed by the end of May next year. This is part of the national plan implemented by Telecom Egypt to modernize and develop the infrastructure and networks for all centrals in the republic, totaling around 1,600 centrals.

The Minister, accompanied by Engineer Essam Al-Saghir, Head of the Egyptian National Postal Organization (ENPO), inspected the construction work in Al-Sarai post office as part of the strategic plan implemented by ENPO to develop and modernize 420 post offices nationally by the end of 2016 and turn them into comprehensive post offices that provide modern postal, community and financial services suited for Egyptian citizens and to fulfil most of their needs. The office provides comprehensive services to around 48,785 clients and pays pensions to 10,271 clients; the number of savings account clients is around 37,000.

The Minister and his escort of ENPO executive managers inaugurated the Manshiya post office, which provides postal services to around 24,241 clients; pays pensions to 1,879 persons, and has 19,619 savings account clients.

ENPO began implementing a republic-wide development and modernization project for post offices using state-of-the-art technology that provides integrated services to citizens with the utmost efficiency. ENPO is developing various sectors via a comprehensive plan to make a leap forward in the levels of services provided to the citizens; pursuant to international standards; to enable ENPO to compete in the provision of services on the domestic, regional, and international levels and to gain a fair share in the international postal market.

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