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Empowering Students Through Technology


If older generation heard that now students have got to be motivated to study, they would think that education matters went South. However, it is actually moving towards the right direction. Everything is evolving and upgrading, so should the learning process. Students are no longer willing to follow old ways, they are open to whatever is modern technology world offers. No one is disregarding classical methods of education, however it would not harm to combine them and let learners choose the path that will provide them with strong knowledge and bring pleasure on the way.

Lately, with all the amount of information given and requirements demanded it is no longer possible to grasp everything effectively, especially if it’s just black tiny letters on some whitish paper. The situation dramatically changes the moment this “black and white movie” turns into bright easy to memorise and reproduce picture. The moment teachers conduct a lesson supporting their topic with effective visual elements, the student is proved to perceive it much better. At the same time when students present their projects and underpin it with some graphics, animations, lively photos, not only their  grades are going up their peers will get a chance to learn something.

Teachers and students will both contribute from adding visuals to their work. Even without any serious experience or excellent skills in graphic design, there are many options suggested to make that happen due to different apps existing. The one you might wanna check through is Crello, well-known platform useful for those who need to maintain their work with sustainable graphics for various purposes – animation, covers, presentations, photos, posters, illustrations. It’s mission to ensure everybody possessing abilities of graphic design.To make that happen it offers solid tools to solve any design task in one click.

Everything is pretty much digital in the education now. Students soon to be forgetting the definition of the word “handwriting”, since the concept fades away due to constant technology usage at any subject given. Tests, practice, enrichment, workshops are all performed through certain technology bounty. Students’ presentations, reports, projects are bursting with wonderful graphic designs, vivid photos.

Technology is inevitable part of any successful learning process that might contribute its value to different areas: school studies, extracurricular activities, self-study work.


Meaningful technology  usage at the lessons does great service by encouraging students to become the facilitators of their own work. Things they have heard from somebody will stay, however what they’ve researched for will be their forever. Certain amount of time ago in order to complete any project work or some research paper we had to get a “residential permit” to settle down in a huge library. The next step would be to dive into a chasm of books and magazines. And finally  to decorate it and add colors – paints, pencils, markers and A2 papers were our major design tools. Good to know that nowadays graphic design has moved to much simplified and yet quite sophisticated level at the same time. Situation has drastically changed. In order to have the work done the students just need to possess speedy wifi, gadget to connect and profound knowledge of how the search engine works. It does not mean that the internet will do everything for them, it will simply boost their research skills and  creative approach to completing assignments.

Extracurricular activities

Academic Clubs, Art Circles, Theatre Groups, School Newspaper and Website, Charity Club, School Band … This list can continue. Since there is close to uncountable amount of things students get involved with after school. Guess what? All of them one way or another will need assistance of the technology available. They search for ideas, design posters, flyers and banners for promotion of events, advertise their plans and on school and community websites, post on social media putting their deeds on the map. Robotics, introduction to graphic design, coding for kids, game developing have become things taught at school.


Better than ever students  are perfectly equipped with all the materials and resources needed for ensuring quality self-education.YouTube channels have almost everything we want to figure out and learn about, you simply name it. Webinars and workshops, quite often free of charge will definitely help to perfect your pitch and fill the gaps in your “database”. Websites and blogs, full of visuals, photos, animations, infographics will deliver information they way it gets to stick with you. Even social media, when used smart, is there for you to enrich and empower your knowledge and skills.

All things said…

Frequently technology in education is frowned upon. Since it is feared to be thinking instead of us and degrading our brain potential. However from what is observable lately, the situation is quite opposite. Successful incorporation of tech tools will make educational system benefit from it and make learning process sound loud and popular among those who “could care less.” To only rely on the long ago established ways offering no much diversity is the path leading to boredom and lack of development. Cooperation of “new” and “old” will help the students strive and set them free from mediocrity.

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