How to Empty Temp Folder Windows 8 (Guide)

How to Empty Temp Folder Windows 8 (Guide)

Want to empty temp folder in Windows 8? This article shows you how to delete temporary files in Windows 8.

The temporary files are stored in the hard disk of PC, with .Tmp extension. These temporary files are created by Windows when a session is terminated in an irregular manner. These files are also created when you turn off your computer without closing files. These files reduce the performance of your system. When you remove temporary files from the PC, you will observe an increase in the performance and disk space of your system.

Delete Temporary Files in Windows 8

Take the cursor to the right bottom of the screen in Windows 8 to bring the Search option.

In the dialog box, you need to type “Disk Cleanup”. You will see some search results. Run “Free and Disk Space by deleting Unnecessary Files.

In this step, you need to click in the drop down menu arrows and choose the drive in which you have installed the Windows. Assume that it resides in the “C” drive.

Now, the Disk Cleanup starts scanning your hard disk space, and calculates the free space.

When the calculation process is done, you need to choose the files to be deleted by marking the appropriate check boxes. Click on the Ok button.

Click on the “Delete Files” to proceed.

The Disk Cleanup menu starts cleaning temporary files from your PC.

That’s it. You have successfully removed the temporary files from your PC. The process to empty temp folder in Windows 8 is not much difficult. You just need to use the basics of disk cleanup process. You will observe the boost in the performance and free space of your system. Your temporary directory will be free of junk now.

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