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Enable Free Hotspot Tethering from Your iPhone Without Jailbreak [Tip]

by Fahad Saleem

Enable Free Hotspot Tethering from Your iPhone Without Jailbreak [Tip]

Many people think the only way to hack an iPhone is to install a jailbreak. But little do they know, they can modify things without jailbreaking; for example, hotspot tethering. If you are not familiar with tethering, it’s basically when you take the data/internet on your mobile and use it to give your computer internet access. Now before, this could only be done through jailbreaking your device. But now, iTweakiOS have claimed they have a simple and free method to do personal hotspot tethering on your iPhone.

Phone carriers have provided tethering before, but not free of charge. They charge a fee to activate the tethering option so that you can use your iPhone’s cellular data to connect other devices. In order to avail this service from iTweakiOSm your iPhone or iPad needs to be GSM and be running on iOS 6, or later. Just in case, make sure your device is backed up if you want to try out the hack. If anything goes wrong, your data will be available for recovery. T-Mobile is one carrier on which the hack has been confirmed to work. Do keep in mind that tethering your iPhone to a computer or laptop can eat up a lot of data. If your cellular data is limited, try not to use too much. But if you’re cellular data is unlimited, then tether away!

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Tethering is fun and sometimes useful feature that can come in handy at times. For example if you are on a road trip, or vacation, and you took your laptop with you. Obviously your Wi-Fi will not travel along, so tethering internet from your phone is the best option. Carriers charge extra money, and phone bills are already hectic, so this free alternative is great. Go to iTweakiOS’s official guide to see complete instructions.

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