How to Encrypt PDF on a Mac (Guide)

How to Encrypt PDF on a Mac (Guide)

You don’t need to buy Adobe Acrobat or other expensive software if you want to encrypt PDF files on Mac because Mac OS X provides you this feature with the help of its built-in tools. Mac can easily create password protected PDF files for you. The article presents a useful guide on how to password-protect and have your PDF secured on Mac OS X for free. The password is created with the help of OS X standard “Print to PDF” trick. It simply means that the printable documents can all be password protected.

How to Print Secured PDF on Your Mac OS X

This method can be employed to convert any existing file to a protected version or for adding protection to a document.

  • Open any file that you need to protect with a password.
  • Go to File->Print and then click the “PDF” button. Then click on “Save as PDF”.
  • Name the file as you desire and provide author and title name. Then go to the “Security Options”.

  • You need to check the box just next to “Require password to open document” and then enter a password. Enter the password again for verification. Press “Ok” at the end.

  • Now save the PDF document as you normally do.
  • You can also set the option of password to be able to print the document or for copying text, images, or anything else from it.
  • Once the file has been saved, browse for the secured PDF file that you have just created. You will notice that the icon of the file has changed now. It will contain a lock symbol on it, indicating that it is password-protected.
  • Now, as you attempt to open the secured PDF, it will show the following screen, indicating that the document is protected with password and you need to enter it for viewing the contents of the document.

Once you enter the right password, the contents of the document will be visible automatically. Even if you try to open the document as a preview, it will still ask for the password. If you forcibly open the document, then you will see only garbage that means that actual content is successfully hidden.

This method works very well to encrypt PDF files on your Mac. Nobody would be able to unlock PDF without entering the right password. If you desire more security, you may use protected zip archive.


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