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Ensuring your Business Stands Out from its Competitors


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If you’re a new business owner, the competition is probably something you’re worried about the most. After all, you’re surrounded by businesses who have similar products and services to yours! Without an edge, your company can soon go bust, and it’s next to impossible to achieve success without really playing on a USP.

Sure, your customers need to have a good experience when shopping with you, but can they even find your business in the first place? With this in mind, you need to ask yourself: are you standing out when it comes to the competition within your market? Here are some good ways to add impact to your business’ look.

Understand Your USP

Your unique selling point is what makes your business yours. It’s what you use to approach marketing and content creation, and it’s the best way to ensure your company stands out from any other. So if you don’t know what your USP is, it’s time to dig deep into yourself! You need to know what makes you different, if not better, than the other businesses who work like yours. And when you can play on your USP, you can brand your company a lot stronger, and make it stand out simply by meaning the messages you put out there.

Place Good Experiences Front and Center

Have you got a good review or two? Put them on your website’s homepage! Make sure everyone who even clicks through for a second can see them – it may make them change their mind about heading back to the previous page. A real customer testimonial goes a long way to proving you do a good job, and they act as comfort blankets to anyone looking to shop.

Expand Your Store Front Display

If you’ve got a physical business that customers can walk into, remember that the shopping experience doesn’t start when they open the door. It starts when they walk outside your windows! That’s why front displays are so important, and need to be carefully designed each quarter. You can make a real impact on the street you work in; a lot of local custom comes your way when you simply have something eye-catching in place! So buy things like a custom flag to showcase your name, as well as spotlighting to emphasize your products, and try to tell a narrative with your set up. Humans respond well to a bit of storytelling!

Be Responsive to Your Customers

Your customers need to hear from you, and you need to talk to them more than your competitors do. So get on social media and make a splash. Come up with a brand persona that people respond well to, and always have something new to say online at least twice a week. You’re trying to build a connection here, and a lot of businesses can forget about that.

Having competitors is normal in the business world; you’ve just got to prove you’re better than them at what you do!

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