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Enterprise Software and the Benefits to Every Organization

Enterprise Software and the Benefits to Every Organization

Enterprise software can be most simply defined as a group of computer programs that are focused on the needs of an entire organization rather than just a few specific users. Enterprise software is applicable and relevant to schools, clubs, governments, charities, interest-based user groups and business of all sizes. An enterprise software package may include:

Automated billing systems


Human resource management

Online payment processing

Online shopping

Customer relationship management

IT service management


Most groups are able to purchase an enterprise software package that is customized based on their specific needs, as most programs have systems and departments in common, although every organization requires different pieces of the puzzle. CEOs like Charles Phillips of Infor are jumping on the bandwagon created by enterprise software and the ability to save time, money and resources for organizations.

What Does Enterprise Software Do?

Enterprise software may simplify the jobs performed by an IT department, even as the needs of employees, shareholders, and customers are met. These packages have the ability to analyze, manipulate, and store data that is crucial to the future of the company. The ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency and productivity of today’s enterprise.

Enterprise software packages may have the ability to do any of the following:

Production scheduling

Energy management




These programs are typically available to a large group of users and provide service over a computer network. Compare this concept to what a consumer uses on a personal computer – a single-user application that only has the ability to serve one user at a time. In direct contrast, enterprise software is hosted on different servers and can manage the needs of a large organization.

What Are the Benefits?

As companies look for ways to save energy, money, and time without losing productivity and efficiency, many are turning to enterprise software to do the trick. These packages can be used in virtually any industry, with accounting and supply chain management being prime examples. Why are so many organizations turning to new, innovative software options rather than the traditional application? There are four main benefits that are easily defined in regards to enterprise software.

Agility – Enterprise software options allow businesses to pinpoint and react to growth opportunities quickly. From a single interface, businesses are able to deal with market shifts, supply chain disruptions, and reputation management issues.

Information Sharing – Newer software options allow for all employees within the company to access vital information faster. When permitted, those outside the organization can also access data with enterprise software. This eliminates overlap when different applications are used to store and collect data for an individual purpose. Those who need access have a single access point, which decreases the time company employees waste looking for certain pieces of information – and the information is often more up to date and complete when it is found. Individual departments and people within a company are able to effectively collaborate with enterprise software programs.

Automated Processes – Any activity or data that is included from multiple software applications can be streamlined with an enterprise approach. A good example is an email marketing platform that integrates with CRM data to ensure that customers receive targeted messages that are designed around their previous demographics or behavior. A company may then use an analytics package to determine if the email campaign was successful. Every aspect of the data is then integrated through an ERP system that shows where company resources are most effectively spent.

Simplifying IT – Integrating a new technology into a large organization is a difficult task. Many suffer from a steep learning curve or applications that aren’t compatible with current systems. An enterprise approach to software aids in overcoming these problems as it combines the functionality of applications and information into a user-friendly, simple interface for every department or person in the company. Many organizations enjoy a smoother business process with an enterprise approach to software.

The bottom line is that today’s corporations and organizations simply want a way to streamline every aspect of the day-to-day operation – and enterprise software has created an ideal way to do that. Companies are more profitable and run smoother when a software package is tailored to the needs of their specific organization, rather than those of one user.

Who Benefits From the Enterprise Approach?

Regardless of the size of the company or organization, small, medium, or large, all groups can benefit from a streamlined, simplified approach to IT. With programs and packages that are tailored to the needs of the customer, businesses get the applications they will really use without paying for all the extra stuff that isn’t applicable to their business.

Enterprise software packages are designed for the individual group, meaning companies get a tailored approach to what can be a very complicated issue. The incorrect use, storage, or manipulation of data can spell death for an organization of any size – and enterprise software solutions are fast becoming the simplified answer to a very complex problem.

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