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ePortal.NG The Unified School Management & Administrative System

ePortal.NG is not your typical school portal that you can find on just about any Schools’ Web Servers around. It is an advanced, flexible, functional and efficient unified school management and administrative system that can support schools such as the K-12 school to institutions of higher learning.

ePortal.NG gives users (students, parents, and school administration) fun and easier platform to carry out all levels of school’s administration. This portal is a creation of 2Logics; a Nigerian ICT startup company. Th

is portal facilitates more natural collaboration between students from various schools including enabling parents participate in their kids’ school activities. Not to mention it eliminates the worry parents have when they don’t know what is happening over at their kids’ schools.

ePortal.NG provides a Unified School Management System

When you look at the Nigerian school system, there is no easy way to access and verify the school and students records; whether you are in Nigeria or abroad. There is also no also an easy and precise way to facilitate collaboration among students studying in different schools.

For the schools that have school portal systems installed, most are faced with high maintenance cost for their websites and ICT support. As it works out, students are limited to just their school’s practices and are rarely exposed to a regular extra-curricular activities that will challenge their creative abilities.

ePortal.NG as a unified portal wants to correct these shortcomings by exposing the students to online educational activities from various quality sources; as collaborative educational works. The portal also enables the students to access all their school records from all the schools they have attended in Nigeria, from the convenience of a single login. ePortal.NG will also give ICT support to the schools’ portals with no charges on the running and maintaining the portals and websites.

Essential Features currently available on ePortal.NG

At the core services of ePortal.NG as currently constituted includes School Management, Gradebook, Alert System, Records Management, and Report Cards. More upgrades are expected to come on the platform soon, as the developers keep evolving the system daily to make it more robust.

When your school adopts ePortal.NG you will have the freedom to focus more on what matters most; delivering high-quality education, establishing outstanding business values and achieving greater efficiency. All thanks to ePortal.NG’s services like Implementation Training, Support, Customizations, Analysis, and Management Consultation among others.

ePortal comes with various solutions like School Website, School Management, Data warehouse and analytics, Payments and Admissions Systems among others. The system will support every profiled school’s experience making it easier and convenient; making the administration of the school more fun and stress-free.

How is ePortal.NG different from other School Portals?

You get access to great School Management Application features.

Zero cost for maintenance of school portal and website with no annual charges.

Zero setups cost to enroll into the ePortal.NG project.

ICT support for schools are

Ease to request for and get new add-on features at no extra cost.

Comprehensive Student Profile Management.

Concise and Accurate Academic Results Processing.

Fast generation of Analysis and Reports.

Data Archival

Who can use ePortal.NG?

Depending on which category of user you fall under, you will have different needs for the ePortal.NG. But virtually everyone who does anything to do with administering education will find the portal useful; whether as a student, school, government, embassy, employer or employee.

For more details, head on to the ePortal.NG website.

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