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Essentials For 7 Important Parts Of Your New Home


Firstly, congratulations on purchasing your dream home. You can now strike off an essential item on your bucket list because you finally get to call a space your own! 

Shifting into your new home can be exciting but involves a hectic schedule. The moving preparations can drive you crazy, given the magnitude of the tasks you need to do. The list is endless, from deciding what furniture to buy/move, the color of the walls, whether you prefer blinds or shades, bed linen, and blankets. To help you de-stress, we’ve curated a list of home essentials for your new abode.

1. Kitchen Essentials

Irrespective of its size, the kitchen functions as the heart of your abode. Nothing beats the flex of bonding with friends and family while you cook delicious food. But, cooking is not as much fun if you’re always hunting for cutlery or cookware. You will need cabinets and drawers to keep things organized

Kitchen appliances such as ovens, cooktops, toasters, coffee makers, mixers, etc., are essential items used daily. Cutlery and crockery are required to lay down a table worth Instagramming. Organize them for easy access.

If you’re moving older appliances, it would be a good idea to get them covered under a home warranty plan. Purchasing a warranty plan will protect you from unexpected repair and replacement costs, especially after you’ve spent a hefty amount on your new home. You can browse plans and read reviews from sites like to make an informed decision. 

2. Bedroom Essentials

The bedroom serves as a place to retreat from a hectic schedule. Therefore, you should make it as cozy and welcoming as you can. Pick the decor and furniture you want in your bedroom. If you don’t feel the need to replace your bed, consider replacing your mattress with an ergonomic option that’s great for your back. 

Get some pillows, blankets, and sheets. You may want to get a new wardrobe and or dresser to keep your belongings more organized. Most importantly, make sure that you have adequate lighting in your room. 

3. Bathroom Essentials

Your bathroom design and essentials can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. Plan a subtle tone that makes you feel comfortable and lively. You can purchase aesthetically pleasing curtains to separate your bathing space. Do remember to get towels, bathrobes, and bathroom mats. Bathroom accessories and toiletries are basic necessities that complete your bathroom.  You’ll land in a tough spot if you run out of the basic necessities, so make sure you’ve stocked them up!  

4. Utility 

Utility tools are vital in case of an emergency. Essential tools like screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, nails, and screws must be present in your toolbox. Extra sets of batteries, extension cords, candles and matches, and flashlights come in handy constantly. A medical box is of great help to deliver first aid to any injured person and is good to keep handy.   

5. Closet

Have you got an overflowing closet? With a few smart modifications, you can store more items than you thought possible! Get as many clothes hangers, hooks, and shelf organizers as needed. Also, a shoe rack to store your footwear and protect them from damage is a must-have. 

6. Windows

Windows are an integral part of your abode that enhances its beauty. You can buy shades, blinds, or curtains, whichever is the best fit. You’ll require curtain rods and clamps to fix the curtains on the windows. It would probably be a good idea to add buying window hardware to your checklist. 

7. Cleaning Supplies

Keeping the living space clean has unimaginable benefits not just for your health but also for your mental peace. Equipping your house with basic cleaning supplies helps in keeping it spick and span. You must add all-purpose cleaners, brooms, dustpans, sponges, laundry cleaners, and other cleaning supplies which come to your mind. It’s probably a good idea to invest in a vacuum cleaner that will help clean furniture and rugs. 


Moving into a new home becomes less stressful if you have this checklist with you. Make sure you have everything in order before you move. When you finally settle in and feel the comfort of your new home, you’ll feel deep contentment. That’s when you feel the wait was worth it!

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