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Europeans have Faith in Bitcoin


Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seems confident to citizens living in Europe. Moreover, people seem positive about breakthrough blockchain technology. In 2020, Europeans feel that there will be a blockchain market for more than a decade. The studies performed by bitFLyer Exchange have contributed to these findings. The study shows that the European people feel that even after 2030, the downtrodden digital assets are on the road. Because of Coronavirus, both the continent and the planet have been able to remain relevant in the digital realm in the new normal. If you want to invest in bitcoin then visit Crypto Superstar

Increase in the number of believers in cryptocurrency per year

Roughly 63% of people in Europe felt optimistic about the avenue for cryptocurrencies back in 2019. Furthermore, the number has increased by 3%, because 66% of Europeans think that cryptocurrency would prevail for at least another ten years. From its point of view, the study was part of BitFLyer’s annual Crypto-Consciousness Index. The research was based on the market polls of 10,000 respondents in 10 European countries. The European arm of bitFLyer, bitFLey Europe, published the first-ever crypto-confidence index survey in March. The survey was performed in Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, and the UK.

Italy showcases unbeatable crisis trust in the cryptocurrency during a pandemic

Following the global spread of China, the country triggered by the deadly virus, the COVID-19, the country was the second country in the world to experience catastrophic Coronavirus consequences. COVID-19 broke out as wildfire among Italian people in March 2020. The virus was significantly introduced to men, women, and infants. It was so bad that people in Italy were forced into medical clothes on the streets of Italy during the spread of Coronavirus. The survey showed that some 72% of Italians expressed their confidence and confidence in the durability of crypto-currency.

Italy leads among numerous countries and has been the pioneer in believing that cryptocurrency is economically and technologically a better place in the world. It was a shock to see that Italy was exponentially hopeful for the cryptocurrency’s future. The March 2020 results suggest that the poll results in March 2019 show a rise of 4%. In mid-March, Bance Sella started a Bitcoin trading service in Italy and, at the same time, unlocks the functionality for approximately 1.2 million users.

Red Cross Bitcoin Fundraiser in Italy

Italy faced a national health emergency as the cases of COVID-19 grew quickly. Helperbit has launched a Bitcoin fundraiser for the treatment of emergencies in COVID-19 on its own for a prominent P2P provider of a national disaster. According to the announcement, the funding collected was used to procure and develop a second-tier AMP, known as Advanced Medical Post, for pretrial cases COVID-19. The first goal was to collect €10,000 to buy medical equipment and the key facilities to successfully complete the project.

This initiative succeeded in fulfilling its goal of raising €10,000, reopening the fundraiser, and offering a brand-new target for the procurement of emergency medical equipment.

Colli Albani Committee’s Italian Red Cross’ Bruno Pietrosanti has shared his strong conviction that Bitcoin helps the country’s most creative fundraiser. The fundraiser also aided the governing body to provide the main economic services that at the time of the pandemic were very difficult to obtain.

The UK has less faith in the trustworthiness of 56% of people in the cryptocurrency

The UK has seen disastrous results in placing trust in the durability of cryptocurrency. In the UK, 56 percent of the population think cryptocurrency is a long-distance thing.

As far as the future of cryptocurrency is concerned compared with the past, Norway is another country that has shown a considerable drop in trust. The survey indicates that UK residents who think crypto-currency will prevail after 10 years have fallen to 56%, 1% less than 2019 figures. Simultaneously, Paxful, a P2P cryptocurrency trading site indicates that Americans see cryptocurrencies as an alternative to the existing financial system.

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