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Ever wondered what People ask Ok Google the most? Here’s the most Ok Google Questions

by Felix Omondi
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That Google keeps track of any and all voice commands you give its AI-powered digital assistant is no secret. We ran an article a little over a week ago on how to find and delete your stored voice commands data on Ok Google.

So we have established Google keeps records of everything you converse with its digital assistant. But have you ever wondered just what types of questions were other users asking the AI bot? Well, below is a summary of the most popular Ok Google questions:

Ok Google, What am I? Well, surprise, surprise! It looks like a lot of you keeps getting lost, and rather than asking a stranger for direction, you trust the AI bot living in your smartphone. Good, choice! Some strangers can turn out to be serial killers or thieves to dupe you into some dark alley so they can take all their time mugging you or worse.

Ok Google, Take me home! It’s only natural that once you have established where you are lost to seek familiar grounds, and that’s home.

Ok Google, What time is it? This is rather bizarre! Have we become that lazy that we can’t pick up our phone and look at the clock on the sleep screen? It is a bit excusable if you are asking your Google Home speakers, even then I am sure you have a smart watch, smartphone or computer lying around. But hey, it is the third most popular Ok Google questions.

Ok Google, What’s the Weather today? For this purpose Google Assistant is heaven-sent. When you want to leave the house in the morning, it gives you the weather update so you dress the part, and carry necessary accessories such as umbrella, sunglasses or hat.

Ok Google, Show me pictures of… Google Assistant is pretty nifty in bringing up pictures you captured then got uploaded to your Google Photos account and those from the Google Image Search. To ask this question the proper way, you need to specify; “Ok Google bring me pictures of sunset online,” will bring you pictures from Google Image Search online. Otherwise, it will be pictures of sunset you captured.

Ok Google open YouTube! Naturally, the Google ecosystem is tightly knitted and interconnected. Google Assistant can easily pull up other Google apps and services. No surprise there.

Ok Google, What sound does a whale make? Most people query from Google all sorts of weird information, such as the sounds made by exotic animals. Whales for one, are the most queried, with users wishing to know the type of sounds its makes.

Ok Google, Set a Time for 10 minutes. Compare to taping the Android Clock app the locating the right timer tabs, asking Google Assistant to set a timer seems so much easier.

Ok Google, Look up… People have been using Google search for decades through typing what they want information for. However, dictating those words via Google Assistant is becoming popular.

Ok Google, How do you spell…? People want to get their grammar and spelling right, despite the deteriorating standards of English language all in the name of swag and coolness. ‘You’s talking fake English’ but when it comes to writing, people want to use the correct spelling and grammar. The problem is, they talk broken English but want to write proper English.

Other top Ok Google questions are as follows

Ok Google, What’s the Name of this Song?

Ok Google, When is Mother’s Day?

Ok Google, Restaurants Near Me

Ok Google, What Does the Fox Say?

Ok Google, Make Me a Sandwich

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