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Everything about the Logos: Advantages, Types and Ways of Creation

Everything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

A study conducted by the marketing agency WebpageFX has shown that customers make an opinion on a product in just 90 seconds. Moreover, 93% of people decide to buy a product according to its type. How to encourage customers to choose your brand? Develop a logo that will create an idea of ​​the company, make it recognizable and affect sales. We have compiled complete instructions on the types of emblems and how to create them.

What is a logo, and why is it important?

A logo is a visual image of a company. It conveys the essence of the brand, connects it with consumers and creates a positive image in their minds. Do you know what the Tesla logo means? This is not just the letter T, but a schematic representation of a part of the electric motor – the main symbol of the company.

So, the logo is needed to:

Attract attention. In the era of clip thinking, people perceive images more effectively than long texts. With the help of the logo, you are more likely to attract attention and instantly tell what you do and what you offer.

Provide recognition. Imagine that every day you see a package of milk with a bright logo in the store. In a week you will think that you know the brand well. The logo is an instant brand reminder. Therefore, it is used in the maximum number of places: on packaging, in advertising, on the site, in social networks and on souvenir products.

Increase sales. Colors and fonts evoke emotions and feelings among buyers. If they are pleasant, then brand affection will increase and sales will increase.

Stand out from competitors. A logo is subconsciously associated with product features. Among similar goods or services, people will choose the one that is visually more attractive.

Create a corporate identity. Logo is an important part of company branding just like its name and slogan.

The types of logos

The main classification divides logos into graphic, text and combined. The famous American journalist Hilda Morones made her own classification and identified seven types of logos. We will tell you about all logo types in detail, and provide examples of top brands.

Classic typology

TextEverything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

Logos are company names. The focus here is on the font, on which the transmission of meaning and ease of reading depends. Think of Sony, Nokia, Facebook, FedEx or eBay logo. And the Coca Cola inscription is so recognizable that even children who do not yet know how to read can recognize it.

GraphicEverything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

These logos are made in the form of an image without inscriptions. In a second, the customer’s subconscious mind sees what the logo means. Shape and color play the most important role here. The examples are Instagram, Twitter, Telegram or Apple.

CombinedEverything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

The combination of inscriptions and images creates more opportunities to influence consumers. The picture and text reinforce each other and complement the meanings. This type of logo is used, for example, by Adidas, Soundcloud and Microsoft. And many images eventually separate from the text and become independent elements, like a crocodile (Lacoste) or a panda (WWF).

Typology of Hilda Morones

Abbreviations and monogramsEverything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

These are optimal for companies with long names, because a few letters are easier to remember and pronounce than the complex words or surnames. CNN, H&M, IBM, HP, NASA – can you decipher the names of these brands? But everyone knows these logos.

The wordsEverything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

A sourse –

Such logos are mostly used by companies with short names. It is especially important to rely on high-quality naming and think over the color and font, like Google, Visa, Disney or Samsung.


Everything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation
Android humanoid robot, Shell, Rolling Stones tongue, Snapchat ghost – symbols come to mind immediately when we recall these brands. To create them, you need a really strong idea.

AbstractionEverything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

These logos are based on geometric shapes. No templates – you put the meaning into the images with the help of shape and color. This was a choice of Nike, Pepsi, and Google Chrome.


Everything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation
Characters are usually used by companies working with families and the entertainment industry. The mascot most effectively establishes emotional contact with customers: like the good-natured Colonel Sanders from KFC, the mustachioed character from Pringles chips, or the rabbit from Nesquik.

Text + GraphicsEverything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

The inscription together with the image is considered to be a universal logo that conveys maximum meaning. It is used by such giants as Amazon, Versace, Burger King, Adobe, Cat, Fanta and many others.

EmblemsEverything about the Logos Advantages Types and Ways of Creation

The image and the inscription are located inside a circle or other sign. Most often, this type of logo is used by car manufacturers (Harley-Davidson, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, Ford) and educational institutions (Harvard University). But there are exceptions, for example, Starbucks and NFL.

How to make different types of logos

You need to have the skills of work in graphic editors – Illustrator or Photoshop to develop a logo by yourself. But remember that any logo should be simple in color and graphics, original and memorable. Have you already decided which type of logo suits you? Read how to create it below.

Text. For beginners, it is better to choose simple fonts and not to use too excessive decorations. Here are some options where you can get the font:

use existing fonts on your computer;

download them for free (for example, at,, or buy them on the Internet (,, and others).

Next, start work in a graphical editor. Write the brand name and try different options: change the color of the fill, the thickness of the letters, use the shadow and stroke.

Graphic. We recommend using concise characters with a minimum of colors. They will be well readable in any size and on any materials. Where to get the graphic element?

draw it yourself in a graphical editor;

find and download on specialized sites, such as,, (these resources have paid and free options).

Combined. It is the most difficult option that you can develop by yourself. To harmoniously combine the inscription and the image, you need to have design skills. If you are ready to try it, download the font and image separately, upload it to a graphic editor, and use all of your creative abilities. has a great article that explains this in depth.


A logo is one of the branding main parts that works for recognition, memorability and influences a purchase decision. How to create a logo if you do not have experience of work with graphic editors? Order one from a designer or use online services, for example, Logaster.

Online generators are the easiest and the fastest way to develop a corporate sign. You only need to enter the brand name and field of activity on the site to get dozens of logo options. They can be edited an unlimited number of times, and then, based on the finished logo, you can create layouts of business cards, envelopes or letterheads.

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