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Everything You Need to Know About New iOS 8 Features

by Fahad Saleem

Everything You Need to Know About New iOS 8 Features

Finally, iOS 8 has been revealed by Apple in its ravishing WWDC 2014 that hit San Francisco yesterday. Apple opened the treasure box fully loaded with new features, services, software, apps, we will keep you updated about this and what you need to know about the WWDC 2014 but first things first, the astonishing iOS 8 needs your attention before anything as this is the start of a new era. Let’s take a quick look at some of the alluring features of iOS 8 announced by Apple.


As expected, Apple has rolled out a full-fledged API for iOS 8 called Healthkit which will have all the tools to develop and extend the health based applications. On the top of that, Apple is launching a central database where the medical records of all the people using iOS 8 will be saved. So for example if you give your blood for a sugar test, you will get a secure notification about it on your iPhone, the reports will be online and data can be easily shared with the doctors and medical facilities using Healthbook for iOS 8. Mayo Clinic has promptly signed up for this service.

ios 8 healthkit

Camera and Photos

There are many revamps in the camera and photos domain for iOS 8. The iOS developers will now be able to use camera application programming kit using which they can extend and develop the photo apps. There are improved editing options, having similar functionality like iPhone but with a much simpler interface.

ios 8 photos


Airdrop has been updated and now you can easily drag and drop any file from Mac to your iPhone or iPad via a Wi-Fi network, seamlessly.

ios 8 airdrop

 Text Messages integration with Mac

Now you can send text messages from your iPhone to Mac, this is an amazing feature that will allow messages of any sort to get relayed to the iDevices and will open new horizons for synching and interoperability.

Calls integration with Mac

With the complete integration of iPhone to Mac, the most beautiful feature is that you can now relay the calls from iPhone to Mac and vice versa. You can relay voice calls to your Mac—complete with Caller ID. Amazing isn’t it ?

ios calls



You can now interact/reply your notifications without having to stop what you are doing on your iPhone. Same can be done from the lock screen. Notifications are beautiful, clean and up to the mark just as we all wished for.

ios 8 notifications

Predictive and Contexual iMessages  

For the first time, Apple has finally revamped its iOS keyboard. Thank God! You can now enjoy the context-sensitive predictive typing, giving you a list of words that you can use to make your text entry a lot much easier just as the Android users do.

ios 8 keyboard

  iCloud Drive 

All the data you save can now be easily synched across multiple platforms using the amazing power of the iCloud drive. So no more embarrassments in front of Windows users who keep on bragging about the Windows SkyDrive.

ios 8 icloud



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