Everything you Need to Know About Instagram Reel Ads

Everything you Need to Know About Instagram Reel Ads

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Entertaining, elaborative, and addictive – that’s how I’d want to describe the desirable feature of Instagram – Reels. And, guess what?

It can be fantastic for Instagram marketing as well.

I mean, with it, you can simply make a reel about your upcoming product, offer some data through it, and voila!

It’s that easy.

However, before you start using this feature to your advantage, let’s learn a little more about it. Otherwise, it might be a little tricky for you to create something useful for yourself.

Instagram Reel – What Is It Really?

In short, an Instagram reel is a video that can have a duration of up to 60 seconds, not a bit more than that. It’s pretty similar to TikTok in nature as well.

There’s a boatload of editing tools that enables you to improve the visuals of your video and make it appear much more exciting. Additionally, you can also use a quirky feature or two to offer a more exciting aura regarding the same. Finally, you can also use more than one video clip in a reel, add captions to it, and include some stickers too.

You may download a tool or two from the pirate bay and integrate it with Instagram reels as well. However, it’s better to check out a video on YouTube before taking a step on this front.

There’s everything available that you need to showcase your creative ability and efficiency.

Is It Better Than TikTok?

Well, it’s a little difficult to answer in short. So, let me be a little more elaborative.

The core essence of TikTok and Instagram reel is almost the same. Their job is to provide you with a set of tools to create a short video in your own way.

However, they’re significantly different when we’re talking about the features.

For example, a TikTok video can have a duration of three minutes or so. But, as I’ve said before, an Instagram reel can only have a span of 60 seconds or so.

Also, TikTok is an entirely different platform, while the reel is just another feature on Instagram. Thus, the overall sustainability of the latter is higher. Hence, if you’re a digital marketer, your focus should be on Instagram more than TikTok.

Finally, the reel you’re sharing on Instagram will disappear after a day. However, whatever you create on Instagram will stay there till the end.

Instagram Stories And Reels – The Difference?

When I first heard about the feature called Instagram story, I almost confused the same with Instagram reels. Hence, if you’ve been doing the same for a while, I won’t blame you.

Usually, the core difference between a story and a reel is that the first one is pretty bland in nature. You cannot use it to offer something creative or visually-aesthetic, as there’s no tool available here. The story can only be used for providing some information regarding a product or asking a question or two to your audience.

On the other hand, reels are more on the creative side. However, they might be a little less discoverable than a story. After all, your audience will get to see your story right away after entering Instagram. But, the same cannot be said for a reel.

Also, you can share a reel of your story. It’s more like an all-purpose tool that can be ideal for both marketing and socializing.

The Final Take

Creating a reel as a regular Instagram user and doing the same as a digital marketer won’t be similar at all. For the second scenario, it’ll almost work as an advertisement for your product. Therefore, it’s best if you can think through everything and then start working on it.

In my opinion, it’s always best to create a story before working on your reel. After all, you’ll have to show how your product will be beneficial for your audience. And for that, showing their pain point in the quirkiest will be a must for you.

Whenever I make a reel about something, I always try to take ideas from others and see how they’re doing everything. I’ll ask you to do the same at the beginning too. Once you become a professional, you can do as you like!

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