Everything you Need to Know About YouTube View Bots

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Even if your content is top-notch, getting those first views on YouTube isn’t easy. The algorithm prefers to show videos that are already popular and getting there without expensive marketing is almost impossible.

Almost, because there are YouTube view bots to help you out with this task. Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about them.

YouTube view bots explained

A bot is a software application that can perform tasks on the internet while imitating human activity. But unlike humans, they automate tasks on a large scale and with high efficiency. The tasks are often repetitive, such as visiting websites, writing messages or downloading data.

One of these tasks is viewing videos, and that’s what YouTube view bots are for. Instead of a person clicking on a YouTube link, a bot can do it, and the video will be played. Even though no real person will actually view the video, your view count will increase.

Viewing videos is not enough to ensure your popularity. Therefore, YouTube view bots are not limited to viewing only. They can also automatically like the video, leave positive comments, subscribe to your channel and even share the video on some other platform.

The whole package is made to satisfy YouTube’s algorithm for suggesting videos and showing them on the search results page. While no one knows how exactly the algorithm works, it is clear that videos with higher engagement are promoted more on the platform.

Choosing a bot

Every bot provider is different, and there’s a division of preferences among the users. To get you started, we can highlight features that are, at least in our opinion, the most essential for the bot to have:

  • View scheduling. You don’t want all the views to pop in at once, so look for the ability to plan views or make them appear random.
  • Integration with proxies. It is an essential feature for your success with any automation tool.
  • Comprehensive statistics. You need to know what you are doing and whether it brings in your target audience.
  • Full automation. A good provider will not only increase views but will automate subscriptions, likes and comments also.
  • Multiple account management. Even if you have only one account, it’s good to have the possibility of adding more.

There are many more providers that we could name here, so we’re going to cover only one – Jarvee. However, feel free to explore more YouTube views bots and find the best bot for your preferences.

Jarvee is an automation solution for many of the most popular social media platforms. Its YouTube automation tool has every needed feature in one place. It can schedule your uploads, add likes, comments and, of course, view videos.

Everything is packed into a neatly designed interface with an impressive dashboard, displaying your progress in one place. You can add as many accounts as needed, and it doesn’t seem to get messy.

Some bad reviews are floating around the internet, and their customer support team doesn’t seem that good at dealing with technical difficulties. However, the reviews are mixed and inconsistent. Better try it out for yourself with a free trial before committing.

Drawbacks of using bots

Most automation tools aren’t welcome by the platforms they aim at. It disrupts the organic flow of the websites, and some exploit these tools to spread misinformation or perform other  mischief. No wonder it is against the terms and conditions of most social media sites to use bots.

YouTube is fighting especially hard to detect and ban anyone who uses view bots or other automation. They are fierce because many creators monetize their videos, for which YouTube has to pay. By banning view bots, they are simply trying to protect their wallet.

The most frequent way websites fight against bots is by tracking users’ IP addresses. If one IP uses too many accounts or performs actions in an unnatural pattern, it gets flagged. Later, the associated accounts might be demonetized or banned, and the content can be removed.

The usual advice here is to imitate organic user behavior, do not spam the same unoriginal comments and spread the views evenly among your videos and time periods. However, acting like a regular user without shielding your IP address is not sufficient.

Additionally, you must change the IP addresses of your bot, so it could appear as views are coming from many different users. A proxy service will enable you to change your IP and use specific locations.


Proxies can act as intermediaries between your bot and YouTube. With a proxy, the bot will use its connection and IP address to view videos and perform other actions. This connection can be rotated for a needed period of time, so YouTube will see many different IPs viewing your videos.

Proxies are an advanced tool with many different types and purposes. What you want for YouTube view bots are the highest reliability and precise location targeting. IPs should be genuine and hard for YouTube to detect, while location choice ought to give you as much flexibility as possible.

Rotating residential proxies are everyone’s favorite choice for use with social media platforms. Their IPs are validated by Internet Service Providers, and the connection originates from a physical home device. Switching such quality IPs from time to time will make your bot look like an ordinary internet visitor.

Other privacy solutions do not have such variety and preciseness of location. VPNs, for example, are usually based in data centers, which means that they are harder to set up in a variety of places. Only residential proxies bring such variety and preciseness to the table.


All in all, YouTube view bots are a crucial tool for anyone who wants to grow their channel. But there are some dangers to avoid, so you should take your time when choosing a bot and proxy. A good foundation will guarantee a promising YouTube future.

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