eWorkflow Mobile App – An Extension of eWorkflow 2013 Business Process Management

eWorkflow Mobile App – An Extension of eWorkflow 2013 Business Process Management
In the current ecommerce world, to remain relevant and competitive you have to make informed decisions every now and then at any place and at any time. Having sound excuses such as time to connect to the internet or booting up your laptop is no longer acceptable and could lead to significant loss in business. It is therefore paramount that you always readily have the correct information right at your fingertips 24/7, thus the situation demands you make informed decisions fast and efficiently. This will keep your business/organization relevant and competitive in its niche.

To address this need is the eWorkflow app; an extension of the popular desktop version eWorkflow 2013 Business Process Management solution. This app was developed by an African company called AccTech Systems. The advantage of this app is that it delivers all the amazing features of the desktop version right to your mobile Window 8 or RT device. Let’s face it, no matter how of a computer/laptop lover you are, you simply can’t be with it 24/7 or everywhere you go. This is where the mobile phone or rather the smartphone outdoes the laptops and computers. It is for this reason and the need for constant information update that the eWorkflow app was developed.

The app has a modern and user friendly UI interface that would make any user adapt to its pretty fast. Hence enabling you to view all the business processes information, interact and action any item simultaneously just from the convenience of your smartphone. Thus enabling you to always stay up-to-date with the information relevant to your business around the clock and in whichever location you are in. Even in the privacy of the bathroom facilities, you will be able to make the correct business decisions in the controlled process when they are due and always be in/on time with support of the correct up-to-date information.

eWorkflow App Features:

  • Has the option of a demo mode which will enable you to explore all the features the app has got to offer thus helping you in deciding fast to adapt to the usage of the app.
  • Friendly user experience with relevant and applicable information availability.
  • Push notifications and real time tiles that will keep you updated on all the relevant business activities happening back in the office.
  • High mobility without sacrificing any business responsibilities, policies and processes.
  • It comes equipped with a generation of certified ERP or other business transactions lines.

This app uses English (United States) as the standard language, and supports the following types of processors: x64, x86, ARM. It runs on devices having running the following operating systems: Windows 8 devices that have internet access and Window 8 RT devices that have internet access like the Microsoft Surface.

This app is the intellectual property of AccTech Systems, and you can download it at no charge. It is considered one of the best Windows App in 2013.

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