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Exam Dumps: Searching to Migrate into New Cisco Certification Program? Look What You Need to Know About CCNA Data Center and 200-150 Ex


Like with financial investments, it’s always hard to define the right time to pursue an IT certification. And the recent popularity of these credentials only goes to show how important they’ve become in the modern employment industry.

A great number of high-profile data center management stories are efficiently centered around the CCNA Data Center certification from Cisco. But what exactly does it take to become CCNA Data Center certified? Is the platform so competitive? Or are data center skills becoming extinct? 

Here’s one of the most comprehensive guides to the Cisco CCNA Data Center certification and how you can pass its required exams using the Pass Your Exams – PrepAway 200-901 DEVASC solid website. 

Cisco Certification Levels

Currently, Cisco certification levels fall into Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect.

Also, thanks to the recent changes, the corporation now offers badges at the Specialist level that are intended to verify a candidate’s knowledge of specific Cisco products and services. 

CCNA Data Center Certification Overview

Speaking further, the Cisco CCNA Data Center credential equips you with the skills you will need to not only install and configure data center technology but also maintain these networking systems to improve their performance. 

In today’s volatile IT industry, data center professionals are required to possess the skills enabling them to understand the intersections between their field of expertise and other services such as software-defined technologies, virtualization, cloud, and automation. 

And the curriculum of the new Cisco CCNA Data Center credential has been restructured to meet such needs.

Cisco Certification Program: Imminent Changes

In late 2019, Cisco made clear their intention to introduce a new certification program to upgrade most of the current certifying tracks. Talking about the Associate level, the decision will see most of the CCNA certifications being replaced by one comprehensive CCNA badge. 

The list of CCNA certifications to be withdrawn in 2020 include CCNA Cloud, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Service Provider, CCNA Security, CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNA Industrial, CCNA Data Center, CCNA Collaboration, and CCDA. 

But the good news is that the expected changes won’t take effect until February 24, 2020. So, if you are currently working towards one of the mentioned qualifying tracks, you have time until the indicated date to certify. 

Overview of New CCNA Program

The new composite CCNA certification is a credential that’s intended to validate your knowledge in a wide array of IT fundamentals, grounded on the newest networking technologies, job roles, and software development skills.

As a part of a newly developed Cisco training program, the updated CCNA offers the freedom to choose where you would like to take your career. 

And its comprehensive nature makes it the most befitting option for individuals looking to validate their skills in security fundamentals, automation and programmability, network access or IP connectivity and services.

CCNA Data Center Ideal Audience

So, now, you have some time to earn the CCNA Data Center badge, which is the credential of choice for data center network specialists who guarantee optimal performance regarding data center networking concepts and physical infrastructure, and configure, install, and maintain data center technology while ensuring cost efficiency.

With the CCNA Data Center vendor-developed training program, you can fully maximize on your potential and investment to help you bring more value to the company in a data center manager position.

How to Earn Cisco CCNA Data Center Certification?

Well, to earn the CCNA Data Center credential, a willing applicant should pass two exams including Cisco 200-150 (DCICN) and 200-155 (DCICT). Let’s proceed now to the next section that highlights the details of the Cisco 200-150 valid exam.

Cisco 200-150 Test: Key Details

Here, the Cisco 200-150 exam is commonly known as Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking. This assessment validates your knowledge of data center networking concepts, data center storage and networking as well as data center physical infrastructure. 

Cisco 200-150 Exam: Important Facts

Diving in further details, the Cisco 200-150 exam tests you on 55-65 questions that are focused on the data center networking domains. It’s important to note that the total time allotted for the test is 90 minutes with no scheduled breaks in between. Also, this Cisco exam is only available in English.

Training Options for Cisco 200-150 Exam Prep

If you are working towards your CCNA Data Center certification, check out the Cisco official website and use their valid resources to help you ace the test easily. 

For your benefit, Cisco provides you withhelpful resources ranging from the classroom training to critical lab environments to help you polish the hands-on skills as well as offers to learn in data center – focused study groups that allow you to interact with fellow exam candidates.

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Cisco certifications are valid and wide-ranging, with CCNA Data Center being just one of its many exciting propositions focusing on data center technologies. So, what’s Cisco up to with the new CCNA program? 

Hopefully, this post has cleared all your doubts regarding the new Cisco qualifying track. Whenever you’re ready to face your Cisco 200-150 exam, don’t hesitate to visit ExamSnap and see its exam dumps they have to offer. 

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