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What to Expect at the #MicrosoftEvent happening Today | 10 AM EDT

by Felix Omondi
What to Expect at the #MicrosoftEvent happening today 10 AM EDT

Microsoft has copied arch rival Apple with an annual event where it invites stakeholders to chart the way forward for the company’s offering. Today, Wednesday, October 26th, Microsoft is holding yet another Windows’s 10 Event set to kick off at 10 am EDT.

However, unlike last year’s event, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have many announcements to make. Other than several announcements on future updates (builds) on Windows 10 and the release of a new Surface Pro 5 devices

How to watch the Microsoft Event Live

You can stream the event live by going to the Microsoft website.

Expected Announcements

Like mentioned earlier, there doesn’t seem to be much announcement this year. Other than news of the next update for the Windows 10 build. Already, the company has made public that two major updates will be released in 2017.

One of which, is the Redstone 2, expected to arrives sometime in the Q1 of 2017. The second update codenamed Redstone 3 is said to be slated for release in Q2 of 2017. Perhaps, today Microsoft will announce the release date for the Redstone 2 update. Although there are already several preview builds or the update to users on the Windows Insider Program.

There are also rumors of a release of a new update for Windows’ Paint app with features likely to give the user more utility tools. The new features on the new Paint app is said will include support for 3D objects. This development will be of particular interest to developers and artists working on Microsoft’s augmented-reality HoloLens. There is a purported leaked video online showing how the new Paint app works and how easy it is to use in creating 3D objects.

Microsoft is also expected to debut an all-in-one (AIO) PC under the Surface brand. The device codenamed Cardinal, is said will be in three different screen sizes; 21-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch. Rumors have it Microsoft will showcase all the three devices at today’s event; it could also be just one of the devices.

As far as specs of the AIO PC goes, Microsoft did a good job in concealing that information. Not as much as a leakage or informed rumors has so far been reported. However, people were expecting the release of the 2nd generation Surface Book to be released, but Microsoft is said to have pushed its release date to somewhere in the Q1 of 2017. The delay is because of the CPU shipment by processor maker Intel.

There are also reports Microsoft will be unveiling a new Surface laptop today, and these reports are based on a leaked trademark filing by Microsoft. The company is also said to have been caught filing for a trademark for Surface Studio and Surface Dial. Though Microsoft says today’s event will be all about Win 10 and Cortana ecosystem. That being said, you should be expecting new updates to start trickling into your Cortana, perhaps sooner than the time for Win 10 major update arrives.

The future of Cortana seems promising now more than before, following recent revelations that Microsoft researchers have reached human parity speech recognitions system development.

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