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F.lux – the better alternative to Windows 10 Night Light

by Felix Omondi

One of the great things about the latest version of Windows 10, the Creators Update, is the Night Light feature. This feature is meant to make you sleep better at night. It does so by reducing the amount of blue light being emitted from your device’s screen.

The Creators Update gives you the option of making Night Light kick in automatically on sunset, or you can determine the specific time it turns on and off. For the most part, the feature is great, except that it kicks in too fast and too strong.

It kicks in with full intensity right from the onset, instead of gradually reducing the blue light, which makes for a terrible experience for the users.

Luckily, there is an alternative to Night Light, one that could be said to be the better alternative. Dubbed F.lux, the app available on Windows Store, gradually reduces the blue light over time, giving users’ eyes the chance to adjust. Instead of jumping right in, the app rather gives the users’ eyes some foreplay, setting the mood for the eyes to appreciate the diminishing blue light.

About F.lux

F.lux was actually the pioneer of the idea of reducing the blue light in devices. It has been available from way earlier on before Microsoft rolled it out with the Creators Update. It is safe to say that Microsoft, Google, and Apple have just recently begun integrating F.lux-like features on their respective OSes. A move that made F.lux kinda obsolete.

However, for Windows, the fact that Night Light comes on too strong on the get-go, F.lux does seem like the better alternative. The warmer color on F.lux increases gradually over time, giving users a better experience than Windows 10’s Night Light.

F.lux comes with a nifty feature whereby it integrates into the Windows 10 taskbar, giving you quick access to control its settings. You can enable/disable it quickly.

Other big-time Apps coming to Windows Store

F.lux is not the only big-time app coming to Windows Store. Others such as Apple’s iTunes, Facebook’s WhatsApp, and Spotify are set to launch on Windows Store later this year. If you want F.lux running on your Windows 10 device, click this link.

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