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Face-Off: Android Nougat versus iOS 10

by Felix Omondi
Face Off: Android Nougat versus iOS 10

As Apple prepares to launch its first line of devices that run its new mobile operating system, iOS 10 out of the box, Google has already hit the streets with its new mobile OS the Android Nougat (Android 7.0).

The two, Android and iOS, are the leading mobile operating system and are ever trying to outcompete each other. Although Android has a wider footprint across all market segment, iOS only appeals to the high-end consumers as its price is always a barrier to demand. That also means that a few shipments of iOS devices at high prices are equal to un-proportionately higher quantities shipments of Android devices. Android is shipped in huge amounts under the entry and middle-level smartphones.

Android Nougat versus iOS 10

Let pit Google’s best mobile OS offering versus Apple’s best mobile OS offering, and see which one carries the day. Although the comparison is not entirely fair, as each OS and OS variant performance will also depend on the hardware on which it is running. Nonetheless, the following are our comparison criteria:

User Interface

Apple will be upping the ante in its 3D touch architecture that first came with the iPhone 6. Improved 3D touch will give users quicker access to the core app functions without even first physically opening the given app.

iOS 10 also mimics Android’s ‘Always on’ feature with a new ‘Wake’ feature, although it will still require you to press the home button physically to get past the lock screen. This feature tries to solve the Touch problem experienced in iPhone 6s running the iOS 9.

Apple will for the first time support widgets with the iOS 10. Under the notification drawer, users will find enhanced notifications with an option of swiping to the right to get an extension of the widget showing more details. Apple will also let 3rd party developers on to the widget platform to enhance users’ experience.

On the other hand, Android Nougat is coming with the multitasking view and ‘Quick Switch’, which allows use to jump to the previously used app swiftly; by just a double tap on the ‘Recent’ button. When you put the device on landscape orientation, you can run two apps simultaneously side by side; and you can even drag and drop items between the two apps just like on a Windows platform.

There are indications that Google could also be copying some Apple’s stuff, the pressure-sensitive screen mechanism. That is if the evidence found in the latest Nougat developer preview app shortcuts is anything to go by; it contains iOS-like app icon shortcuts. That one can access by firmly pressing on the icons.

Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant

Apple may have been the first to introduced AI digital assistants in smartphones, but over the recent years, Google’s Google Now has become a force to reckon with. The most commendable things Apple has done with Siri in iOS 10, is opening the platform to 3rd party developers.

Google has also upped the ante with the introduction of new assistant Allo. This app can pull up pictures and make reply recommendations for your queries. Experts say Allo will be less rigid than the Google Now, and users will be able to ask it a myriad of questions.


Both Apple and Google are fielding apps on ‘steroids’ into the messaging apps competition. Apple is said to be working on more social features that will be baked into its iMessage in iOS 10. On the other hand, Google will introduce at least four new distinct messaging apps in the Nougat. Other than Allo, Google has also introduced Duo; a video messaging app that it touts will oust the likes of Skype and FaceTime.

Improved Notifications

Both Android Nougat and iOS 10 have a revamped notification alerts. They have both made it convenient for the on-the-go user who wants to view notifications without first having to push buttons to view them.

For Android Nougat, there has been a significant redesign. The Notification alerts are now a lot easier to read, have no fussy borders, smaller fonts, occupy the width of your screen and can be grouped together based on the apps.

Previously, the apps notification on Android has sometimes been a headache to users. To address this, the Nougat OS will have an iOS-like style of notification. On the other hand, Apple too is borrowing some ideas from Android by introducing widgets on the iOS; it is adding widgets to the home screen.

Judging from the above comparison, iOS 10 emerges as the best mobile operating system. In large part because it offers a more fluid experience and Apple’s act of opening up Siri to 3rd party developers means more stellar features are on the way. However, if you are looking for a larger pool of features, then Nougat is the path you want to take any day.

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