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Face Off: The iPhone 7 vs. The Essential Phone

by Felix Omondi
the essential phone

The smartphones market is not getting crowded; it is already way crowded. The entry of The Essential Phone by Android co-founder Andy Rubin has its work cut out if it wants to break into the market.

The market is saturated with Android devices; the Essential Phone could easily be taken with a pinch of apathy; just another new Android phone trying to enter the market. But this is the co-founder of Android we are talking about, one of the brains that went into making the true stock of the mobile OS. So his device attracts more interest than just any typical new Android phone.

That said, we’re going to compare the Essential Phone with Apple’s iPhone 7 to see which one carries the day.


If you come from the school of thought that size does matter. The Essential Phone is a little bit bigger than the iPhone 7; 3% taller, 6% wider, and 10% thicker to be precise. It is also 34% heavier that the iPhone 7.the essential phone


Rubin prides himself in making the Essential Phone much sturdier that its aluminum rivals such as the iPhone 7. The Essential comes with a titanium frame and a ceramic back; so it wakes up from those falls on concrete with no damages. However, if water damage worries you more, you might want to pick the iPhone over the Essential Phone as it is not waterproof.the essential phone


‘Bezel-less’ display seems to be the in-thing right now. The Essential Phone comes with minimal bezels while the iPhone 7 has got plenty of bezel around its screen. On this front, the iPhone has a poor screen-size-to-phone-size ratio, though word has it the next iPhone that will come out later this year will also have minimal bezels.the essential phone

As for the screen resolution, the Essential Phone gives you QHD+ screen packs in which the pixels are densely concentrated for a brighter clearer image. However, Apple traditionally focuses on not just pixels density but contrast, white balance, and brightness as well. Making iPhone screen of higher quality by a bigger margin in regards to what you would expect of their pixels counts.

Processor and RAM

The Essential Phone runs on the 2017 Qualcomm’s flagship process, the Snapdragon 835. As for the RAM, the Essential Phone has twice (4GB) the RAM as iPhone 7.  Then again Apple devices are known for squeezing more out of less RAM. It runs Android Nougat.the essential phone


iPhone 7 comes with three different ROM size variants, while the Essentials gives you just one generous 128 GB ROM. Both smartphones don’t have the MicroSD memory expansion option.

Other features

Both phones have fingerprint reader; the Essential Phone has one at the back, while the iPhone 7 has it on the home button. Neither phones have the 3.5mm headphone jack. The Essential Phone also comes with 360° camera.


On paper, the Essential Phone looks better and the iPhone 7, but it must be mentioned it offers nothing unique that the likes of Google Pixel and OnePlus is not offering Android-enthusiasts. Then again, most people with iPhone are probably already Apple cultists who buy the brand not necessarily the product. To sway such consumers to a new Android device might be hard.

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