Face Off: Microsoft Surface Book Vs. Apple MacBook Pro 2015

Face Off: Microsoft Surface Book Vs. Apple MacBook Pro 2015

Although it is debatable, but all along it has been assumed that if you are looking for the top tier premium laptop computers, then you must be go for Apple Inc.’s MacBook laptops. By all right, the MacBook has earned their position with their exquisite design, lightweight, 4K display, hardware superiority among other things.

Apple’s arch-rival, Microsoft was left to fend within the low-end of the market, as the upper market has predominantly been perceived as an Apple’s playing field. With only a handful of Windows-based laptops making an appearance.

Well, it seems that Microsoft might have finally released a worthy competitor, worthy enough to give Apple’s top tier laptops a run for its money under the premium laptop computers market. Microsoft recently launched Surface Book computers is already ruffling MacBook’s feathers the wrong way, and so much so that it is likely to place a significant dent into Apple’s market share.

So we decided to pit Microsoft Surface Book against  MacBook Pro 2015 and see which one is superior.


No doubt that in the design department the MacBook series carries the day with their simple yet elegant design. This is the primary reason you will see people flaunting their MacBook out in public whenever they get a chance too; like those people at the Café or during a conference meeting. It is also why it is featured a lot in movies.

However, the Microsoft Surface Book’s design is also impressive with its 7.3mm thickness and weighing 1.6 pounds. There is no doubt Microsoft went all out in achieving the aesthetics department, but personally a lot more needs to be done if they are to oust MacBook as the hunk laptop computer in any room.


Traditionally, MacBook series are known for their crystal clear high resolution display. This is a department in which Microsoft is apparently playing catch up, and catching up they did and surpassed. The Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 inch display comes with 267ppi pixel density, while the MacBook Pro 15 inch retina display has 220ppi.

Although Microsoft did not officially reveal the specs of the display, but if you put two and two together, the Surface Book knocks out the MacBook Pro in the display department.


Under the hood, the MacBook Pro packs a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor clocking at 2.5GHz and has the option of dual-core Intel Core i7 at 2.9GHz speed. Yes, that is a heavy-weight description right there in processing powers.

As for the Microsoft Surface Book, Microsoft fell short of revealing the exact specs. However, it is said to feature an Intel processor and a NVIDIA GeForce GPU that will make it twice as fast as the MacBook Pro. The exact words used by the Redmond Company are, that the Surface Book will be “the fastest 13-inch laptop ever made.” If the Microsoft Surface Book lives up to those words, then by all means it will be another knock out for the MacBook Pro versus the Surface Book in the performance department.


Microsoft move to converge a laptop and a tablet in the Surface Book is largely a consumer driven move. Consumers prefer the convenience that comes with using a tablet, and the ease of typing on a laptop. For that reason, Microsoft Surface Book features a stunning feature that allows users to detach the keyboard thus, transforming the laptop into a 13 inch tablet.

It also sports other incredible feature like backlit keyboard, and according to Microsoft, it comes with the “best in class” keystrokes. Talk about blowing your own horn!


So far the MacBook Pro versus Microsoft Surface Book score is 1 to 3 judging from the above comparisons. The Surface Book is this far in the lead, but the laptop-cum-tablet will have to use Windows operating system, Windows 10 to be exact. Pitting Windows against the Mac OS, the latter has a long standing fame for being a study, secure and high performing software compared to the Windows. For this reason, the MacBook Pro will be running superior software than the Microsoft Surface Book.


Well, both laptops are pretty impressive and each has its own strong selling points. It is a pity that most of us have to make a choice between the two, but if you can buy both. The better! The Microsoft Surface Book will start selling at $1,499 while the 128GB and 13” version of MacBook will sell at $1,235.


There is no doubt that if there ever was a laptop impressive enough to win over the loyal Apple fans. Then, it is the Microsoft Surface Book. Its ability to transform from a laptop to a tablet is certainly something a lot of people will appreciate. However, like I said. Apple fans are loyalists and act like they are in a cult. Still, the Microsoft Surface Book is bound to ruffles some feathers the wrong way over at Apple Inc.

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