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Facebook Dating now available in Canada as its first point of touchdown in North America

by Felix Omondi
facebook dating

Mark Zuckerberg and team over at Facebook always try to be everything in one; especially when it comes to social networking platforms. You saw this in their acquisition of Instagram, WhatsApp and their attempt on Snapchat. Then there is Tinder, a social network for people looking for a date. Well, they (guys at Facebook) have a version of their own, the Facebook Dating platform.

Facebook Dating was first launched in September this year but has only been available in Colombia. It is designed as a feature within the main Facebook app rather than a separate app release. Users will have to create a separate dating profile, and then the service will begin matching users with people that fit the description of people they said they’re interested in. Now the dating social network platform is expanding to North America, and they have chosen Canada to be their first point of contact in that market.

Facebook says the dating feature will be a ‘dedicated space’ within the app. All activities you do within that space will not be shared with anyone else outside the space. That means it will not show up on your Facebook Profile, News Feed or shown to anyone else outside Facebook Dating.

You can also choose who gets to see your Dating profile. You can also see the profiles of suggested matches, and those to whom you have been suggested to, can see your profile. You don’t run the risk of getting someone you have blocked being suggested to you, or you being suggested to them.

The Facebook Dating platform also enables you to opt-in to Events and Groups where you can view other users looking for dates and have also opted in. Connections will be based purely on preferences.

Other privacy controls include the ability to hide friends of friends in your pool of suggested dates. You can also report anyone whose behavior you are not pleased with, and even block them all together.

With the Canadian launch, Facebook Dating has gotten a new feature; Second Look within the Dating Settings. This feature enables you to go back and check if there are any possible match that you may have overlooked.

It also has a Pause matching feature, which stops the Dating social network from sending you further potential matches. At the same time, you will not be suggested to other users on the Facebook Dating platform, but you will still be able to communicate with already existing contacts.

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