Facebook Introducing The Happy Birthday Cam To Post 15-Sec Videos On Friends Wall

Facebook Introducing The Happy Birthday Cam To Post 15-Sec Videos On Friends Wall

Whether you like celebrating your birthday or not, you must admit Facebook is among the top platforms where you will be reminded of just how old you are becoming. Now thanks to Happy Birthday Cam, you can be told happy birthday in moving pictures and sounds.

The social network sends out a notification to all your Facebook friends letting them know that it is your birthday. That only happens if you have selected to show your date of birth on your profile to your Facebook friends. Usually, this is the day you get the most attention from your Facebook connections. From your spouse, kids, family, friends, colleagues to that lovely lady who accepted your friend request but never replies to your inbox messages or comments you make on her wall (so why did she accept the friend request in the first place?).

Starting Monday, February 22, 2016, Facebook is availing a new element to making happy birthday wishes. The Happy Birthday Cam is prompting you to record a 15 seconds video to be posted on the birthday boy/girl’s timeline.

The Happy Birthday Cam will appear on your birthday boy/girl’s profile, and when you click on it, you can start recording the video. This feature is already available to users of iOS devices. Android users will get the same feature in a few months’ time.

These days you see many videos on Facebook. Well, video posts on Facebook are about to increase tremendously as people can now wish happy birthdays in videos. A development that falls in line with the social network executive long-term plans to have Facebook to a large extend a video post platform.

Facebook seems unseating Google’s YouTube as the number one go-to place for posting and viewing videos. Currently, video viewership on Facebook has quite taken off and is slowly but surely eating up into YouTube terrain.

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