Facebook Has Turned The Messenger Into A Standalone Website

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Facebook Has Turned The Messenger Into A Standalone Website

Lately, Facebook seems to be hell-bent on creating a completely new platform with its instant messaging service. The social network has now released a standalone website for its Messenger, different from the core social network website.

The new move adds more weight to the speculations doing rounds that Facebook wants to turn the Messenger platform into more than just a platform for instant chat. The social network is said to be gearing up to monetize the platform through e-commerce and video media.

The platform is said to be in preparation to allow users to add payment details to their Messenger accounts. This will allow users to send virtual gifts to friends and conduct various transactions on the e-commerce extensions being prepared to be integrated into the Messenger platform. Facebook is said will open the platform to developers at some point for more extensions.

Users can use the new Messenger standalone website by logging into their Facebook account as they normally do. Then open a different tab in your browser and enter Messenger.com and continue with your Facebook chats from where you left.

Facebook’s spokesperson in a statement said: “We’re launching Messenger for web browsers; a standalone web chat product accessible via Messenger.com. Once logged in, people can dive directly into a dedicated desktop messaging experience, keeping their conversation going and picking up where they left off.”

The social network giant also announced that it will soon be launching Facebook at Work; a service that will enable company employees to chat and share files at the workplace.

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