Facebook institutes a ‘One Strike’ policy for live-streaming


Thanks to the New Zealand mass shooting, everyone is just one strike away from being banned from using the Facebook Live feature.

Anyone found violating Facebook’s most sacred policy will be kicked off the Live broadcasting feature for a certain period. The ban will become as soon as the violation is flagged. An example of policy violation would be something like sharing “a link to a statement from a terrorist group with no context.”

The VP for Facebook Integrity, Guy Rosen, in a blog post said the social network’s goal is to “minimize risk of abuse while enabling people to use Live in a positive way every day.”

The one strike policy is said to be extended to other social networking platform owned by Facebook. Previously, all the repercussions users who post offensive content got was having it pulled down. If they kept repeating the offense, Facebook will eventually block them from the entire social media for a while. Though there are those who were banned for life.

The one strike violation policy is part of a new raft of regulations by Facebook that saw individual the social network deem as ‘dangerous’ banned completely. That includes Louis Farrakhan the leader of Nation of Islam, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopoulus among others.

Facebook also said it has introduced new mechanisms that will put a check on negative content from going viral. As you might remember, the New Zealand mass shooting perpetrator live streamed his attack on Facebook, and in no time it went viral. The mechanism will prevent the negative content that is growing in terms of becoming viral, from being reposted or getting detected by users online.

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