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Facebook introduces Comment Ranking System to put trolls in check

Facebook introduces Comment Ranking System to put trolls in check

Do you have a Facebook page or group where you try to ‘trumpet up’ your hustle? Then you probably know what pain in the a$$ trolls can be. Such public platforms are always targets for hatred, bigotry, spam, irrelevant posts, and folks who have no life.

If you are tasked with managing such platforms, then you know just how much of a headache they can be. Facebook, in particular, is notoriously field with trolls. Well, Mark Zuckerberg and team want to wash away this bad tag on their social networking platform and have thus introduced the Comment Ranking Systems.

Since trolls actually taint the credibility of even the most genuine and legitimate posts. With comments ranking, the trolls’ comments will consistently be ranked lower. Making for a healthier, high quality, and most relevant comments appearing first in the comments section.

To determine which comment fits that description, and which ones don’t. Facebook is leveraging on the following metrics:

Integrity signals: comments that go against Facebook community standards, or are click baits, or unnaturally provocative will be ranked much lower.

User surveys about comments: based on users expressed opinions on a particular comment. Facebook will be able to determine whether the comment is relevant to the post or not and rank it accordingly.

Comment interactions: comments that attract a lot of likes, reactions, and replies will naturally be highly ranked

Poster controls: The original poster of the post will have the overall authority to hide or delete comments. They can also engage with the comment, and based on that reaction, Facebook will be able to rank the comment higher or lower.


This is not the first time Facebook is trying to address the quality of comments made on the platform. Recently introduced features like comments and emoji reactions are just some of the ways Facebook has been trying to clean up its house.

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