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Facebook Launches “Secret Videos” for Pages

by Fahad Saleem

Facebook is giving immense importance to its videos, as Facebook videos are garnering billions of page views daily and loads of ads dollar. Facebook recently announced some new, interesting features for its videos.

Facebook page admins could now post “secret videos”, which will only be accessible by a limited number of users. The admin can put restrictions on the viewership of the videos based on the age and location.

Admin can now also block third party embeds, timeline posting of the video. You can also select customized thumbnails for the videos.

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The best feature released by Facebook is the video library. Using this feature, page admins on Facebook can manage, compile and put all the videos at one place. Fans can see old and new videos, search the video database and much more using this feature. Before this feature, video search and scrolling down and down for old videos was a tedious task.

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Admins can add or remove metadata to videos, add subtitles and do a lot of customization to the thumbnails.

When you make a video “secret”, it will not appear on the timeline of the people who have liked the page. However, users can open the page and watch the video in the videos tab (only those users who pass the restriction limit put by the page admin).



Images: TheNextWeb


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