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Facebook Launches Snapchat Alternative App “Flash”

Snapchat has over 150 million monthly active users. The app is ridiculously popular amongst teens, and has a bright future. Facebook knew the potential of this ephemeral messaging app. That’s why it offered $3 billion buyout offer to the company. But Snapchat rejected that offer. Since then, Facebook has done everything to take on Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging model which is really popular amongst the US and Canadian teens. In a latest bid to take on Snapchat, Facebook has launched Flash, an app that lets you make quick video stores, add fun face masks, draw and share messages that disappear after a while. These are the standard Snapchat features.

Flash app by Facebook is a Snapchat alternative that is specifically targeted on the emerging markets. The app was launched first in Brazil. It takes less than 25MB, as compared to 75MB space which Snapchat takes. Facebook Flash app also works on slow internet connections, a perpetual problem with the third world countries. You can also post stories or ‘flashes’ offline. They will be stored and get posted as soon as you get the internet. In this way users could take flashes and videos whenever and wherever they want and post them to the internet whenever they have the internet connection.

Facebook Flash app works pretty much like Snapchat. You can take photos, short videos, add layers of emoji and filters on them and share it with your friends.

The app is available for Android devices for now. An iPhone version of Flash will be announced soon.

Download Flash 

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