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Facebook now supports 4K Videos

The current big thing in video production and viewership is 4K videos. You saw YouTube adapt 4K video playback from as early as 2010, further fueling its growing popularity around the globe. It is no surprise that people now want 4K videos on the world’s most famous social media networks.

Facebook is finally jumping on the 4K bandwagon and is already started testing 4K uploads and viewing using the 2160p UHD-1 Ultra-High-Definition Television standard. This would be a relief for most of us who are tired of having to bear through watching an exciting video with poor crummy resolution on Facebook.

The timing of these test rollout of

4K videos on Facebook comes hot on the heels of a new Watch tab, where the social network features original videos. No doubt, the platform will go a long way in benefiting users experience watching sports, fashion, science, comedy, and other entertainment videos on Facebook’s Watch tab.

Lately, Facebook has been going full throttle, on the video hosting

front. There’s no doubt the social network wants to challenge YouTube as the go-to-platform for users looking some video ‘infotainment.’ You can already sample some 4K videos uploaded on Facebook either through video game streaming or music videos

Facebook launches guest invites to Instagram Live Story

Facebook plans to take on YouTube by not just having short-form, randomly discovered videos, to longer and deliberately viewed videos popular with YouTube and Netflix. For Facebook to have a better chance to compete, it will have to feature videos with more clarity. Note, YouTube already supports 4K streaming and rolled out 4K video support widely in 2014 and 2015.

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